Price for Child Abuse

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  • vinman
    How much money do you think the Watchtower will have to dish out for this scandal in Australia?
  • blondie

    the price of child abuse: There is no amount of money that can ever compensate.

    Better to have people wake up and realize the human costs.

    Blondie...child abuse survivor

  • FreeGirl2006
    Amen to that Blondie!
  • DesirousOfChange

    The issue of "how much" is not about trying to sufficiently compensate victims. That is impossible.

    The issue of "how much" has to do with "how much" can it cost WT?


  • Driving Force
    Driving Force

    Well I hope the amount they have to payout is sufficient for them to have to put pressure on the R&F to donate more, this will cause more to see the cult for what it is.

    But I do fully agree with Blondie, no amount of money can compensate for the damage done.

  • vinman
    I most certainly agree with Blondie. It is for that reason I want it to hit their wallet. As Driving Force said, it is about waking more people up.
  • smiddy

    Don`t get your nickers in a knot guys /gals.

    " How much money do you think the Watchtower will have to dish out for this scandal in Australia " ?

    A pittance pal , .Why ? , Because of legalities that`s why.

    They were asked by the Justice minister of the Royal Commission , about joining a group of organizations in paying compensation , to victims , G.Jackson said they would have to look at the details of this offer before committing to it.

    In other words ,what do our lawyers say about this .?

    Jehovah`s Witnesses will not even put their name to a regional Newspaper in advertising religious posts of other faiths. as that would mean they are in league with other faiths , which they are not.

    They are adamant that they are not associated with other religions , and to do so is offensive to their faith.

    Would Jehovah`s Witnesses ever join with other religions to gain benefits ? for themselves ?

    No way , or hang on ,

    ,Did they not do it before ? with a Religious television organization in the U.S.A ? some years ago ?

    Something to do with taxation and paying for magazines , not for profit , status maybe ?

    Maybe as a charitable organization ? or not .

    charging for magazines , literature . cassettes , etc,etc.


  • Mephis

    They won't get the option to decide whether or not they will be providing redress, but they will no doubt fight every step of the way on who should receive any from them.

    If one takes 1750 survivors (roughly the number given by the WT's own records) who could potentially seek redress, multiply that by the average $Aus 64,000 (one of the commission's suggested figures for weighting redress), you get $Aus 112m (52m pound sterling / $US 80m). That would likely be spread over 5 years or so.

    I think the survivors who've found the strength to take their cases to court in the past probably have it right - the WBTS won't take child safeguarding seriously until they make the financial calculation and realise things can no longer go on as they have been. Still not sure I can wrap my head around just how pig ignorant the GB are.

  • Calebs Airplane
    Calebs Airplane

    One phone call to the Royal Commission from a mid-level manager of the Reserve Bank of Australia (owned by the Rothschild family) and the Watchtower will simply pay a token amount and change their reporting rules down under.

  • DesirousOfChange

    Would Jehovah`s Witnesses ever join with other religions to gain benefits ? for themselves ?

    (Don't tell anyone, but) in 1988 the WTS filed an Amicus Curiae brief ("friend of the court") in support of Jimmy Swaggart ministries when the issue of whether a Church could be obliged to pay sales tax on the distribution/sale of religious publications.

    They'll will gladly whore themselves if it saves them money.


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