Sexual assault I believe by a JW member Santa Ana Calif

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  • adjusted knowledge
    adjusted knowledge

    Mad Irishman

    Please provide source of this famous case in Florida. I've lived in Florida my whole life and never heard this story. Since it is a famous case and the person was caught , you obviously have a source or reference I could use to validate this claim.

    So far every time I have called anyone out on this site about referencing a source, not one person has ever done so. Please be the first.

  • smiddy

    adjusted Knowledge

    Are you questioning the validity of this claim ? Or are you questioning whether or not he was a baptized Jehovah`s Witness ?

    If the former , then the News report should be sufficient ,

    if the latter , then surely it`s a terrible lack of security / protection on the part of Elders / parents to allow an unbaptized person to become so familiar , unchaperoned , with children on there own.

    Just because you live in an area and have not heard about it , doesn`t mean it never happened .

    Just saying


  • freddo

    @Vidiot - "Aw, Christ, how many does this make now?"


  • mana11
  • flipper
    It's just disgusting- this has to stop. But it won't. The WT Society will continue making excuses for JW pedophiles and child molesters. If I lived in the Santa Ana area I'd make some billboards up and picket downtown Santa Ana with a sign that reads " Jehovah's Witnesses Protect Child Molesters " and hand out news releases

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