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  • stuckinarut2

    So if "God looks after their needs", was God asleep or distracted when pioneers or missionaries were killed in a car accident, or killed by violent people?

    Was God looking the other way when a bus load of "faithful witnesses" were killed in a bus crash on the way to a convention?

    For a self righteous, pious, pioneer to claim that "God provides for them" simply spits in the face of anyone else who has experienced a tragedy!

  • fulano
    Strange...he never provides for pioneers in third world countries.
  • WTWizard

    That's what communism is about. You waste your time pious-sneering, I spend my time watching the silver market and buying every time the price gets smashed down (I also got plenty of LED light bulbs and NiMH batteries and chargers to go in my Fenix LD22 flashlight). I worked for the money to pay for it.

    Now, the fun begins. The dollar becomes toilet paper, and you are telling me you deserve MY silver? What value have you given me to warrant any silver? None. The work could have been done more efficiently online, as you are wasting your time going around the same streets in the same bad neighborhoods. No value to me. And, when you get to the Big Boasting Session, the lights go out. Of course, the backup lighting system craps out because they did a dubber's job installing it or used cheap crap. Since when do you deserve MY Fenix LD22 flashlight? Especially if you are demanding and obnoxious, and try regulating everything I do. No help getting out of the auditorium for you, sucker. Next time, you should cut back on field circus, earn the money, and prepare yourself for the calamity.

  • TTATT_Paladin
    When I pioneered, I didn't expect anything, and appreciated everything. I guess I was doin' it all wrong.
  • life is to short
    life is to short

    The whole time i pioneered Jehovah never gave me a dime, through I never EVER, EVER, went around begging either. I would have rather died then to do that. We never got anything from anyone.

    I felt and still feel pioneering is a choose that one makes and it is up to the pioneer to take care of himself.

    That being said looking back I think the other pioneers must of felt that my husband and I had money because we never whined and complained about how broke we were. We had at one time ten pioneers in the hall, we were in the hall because the need was great for elders and my husband was any only elder for over half the time we were there and I never saw him as a newly wed. But that was OK because as the CO told me Jehovah needed him and I could have my husband in the new system which was going to happen very, very, very, very soon.

    Oh the stories I could tell about the free loading pioneers it's just amazing. One couple who had NO MONEY for gas or a car to use in service because they bought a new one that they parked two blocks from the kingdom hall so as to not get door dings on it and just could not use in service because they could not afford to get it damaged as they had payments to make but like I said they also could not give anyone a cent for gas either, somehow this very, very broke couple could scrape the money to go to eat every day at the fast food restaurant and suck up all the fating food and then stop at all the convenience stores they could find and suck up sodas, chips and candy bars while they squeezed their fat bodies into our car. Then the wife got jealous very jealous because for one I just could not afford to eat like that and second ridding around in a car eating such fat foods would make me very car sick. So this wife HATED ME because I was thin. You just can't win.

    That was just one example of many just as bad. The pioneers were selfish, rude, offensive, arrogant, self-centered, jerks. And I was unfortunately stuck in the middle of them.

    I had every pioneer over for dinner, always had coffee after book study, NEVER once were ever invite to any of their homes for dinner though they did go to each others homes because I would hear about it in the car groups about how much fun they had and it was to bad I was not there but I was NEVER invited. We always used our car in service, sometimes my husband would even loan out our truck when no one else would have a car so at least three or four could squeeze into it for service. WE NEVER got a cent for gas, expect the twice I flipped out and this sister counted out five dimes and dropped them into my hand telling me that was all she had.

    Even now it is just so upsetting to remember back on those times, such a sad time in my life. I hated every minute of it.


  • Magnum

    fulano, I agree.

    life is to short: Even now it is just so upsetting to remember back on those times, such a sad time in my life. I hated every minute of it.

    I can relate to everything you said. I, also, was a poor pioneer who was used by everybody else and got nothing in return.

  • purrpurr

    I remember being nagged by a pioneer couple for money every meeting and if not nagging then it was guilt tripping and sometimes even directly asking me how much I earnt!

    Strange though, the wife had a thing about cath kidson and their house was full of cath kidson stuff? ( for those that don't know, cath kidson - very pricey designer homewards)

  • steve2

    You can guarantee if there is any JW (couple) out there who have given up their home, business and their wish to have children in the service of "putting the kingdom first" everyone in the Hall will not only know about it, but be reminded often.

    When I was in, I was never in any doubt as to who in the congregation had made sacrifices and what those sacrifices were. You measured your spirituality by how much you gave up.

    I guess there is nothing "wrong" in making known to others sacrifices for your faith. It's just that JWs are invariably critical of the churches of Christendom in proudly drawing attention to all their good deeds.

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