August Study WT "Prepare Now to be a Good Little Drone in the New Order"

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  • JW_Rogue
    I thought Paradise was supposed to be a delight? Not according to the August study WT, on page 20 paragraphs 4-12 it outlines how much Paradise will be exactly like being in the org today. Still following rules, waiting on Jehovah and obeying those taking the lead. I guess they had to take the Paradise down a notch so it would match up with the "Spiritual Paradise".
  • John Aquila
    John Aquila

    according to the August study WT, on page 20 paragraphs 4-12 it outlines how much Paradise will be exactly like being in the org today.

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  • ToesUp
    My prediction is that once everyone realizes that the Paradise is not here and is not coming anytime soon, there will be NEW LIGHT. Paradise will not be literal but figurative. "Brothers and Sisters, we have been enjoying Paradise for years. Not a literal but a figurative one. Now STFU and get your ATM cards, cash, checks or you can simply donate all your belongings to WTBS."
  • The Marvster
    The Marvster

    Well this is NEW LIGHT for me..

    I've recently found myself having 'imaginary arguments' in my head, with witnesses, telling them, even if there will be a new system, I wouldn't want to live in it with JW's... and then imagining a rebuttal such as, well it will be 'different' in the new system, the organisation will not be like it is now....

    JW_Rogue; you've just hammered the last nail in that coffin, 'thank you'..

  • apostrate

    Back in the 70's an elder stood on the platform and let everyone know that in the New System we can't just live wherever we want. Everyone might rush to the West to get 'em some ocean front property. No, no. The Society will tell us where to live.

    It's just like a stand-up comedian said back in the 80's:

    "A Jehovah's Witness came up to me and started preaching to me. I told him that I wasn't interested. So he said, "What's the matter? Don't you want to live forever on the Earth?"

    "Not with a bunch of Jehovah's Witnesses, I don't!"

  • blondie

    I would always be told that jws would be perfect in the new world...but exactly when would they be perfect, 10 years, 20 years, 100 years, into the 1,000 years? How would they know themselves or who would other jws realize they were now perfect? So all the problems existing now in the WTS would continue only without the laws of non-jws holding them back.

    Who would get new homes first...elders...because they are more worthy, more important?

  • freemindfade

    I was told it was like this...

    Wake up, pet lion, eat fruit, laugh and have picnic on the graves of the unbelievers, sleep repeat...

    Looks like that changed. NEW LIGHT!

  • BluesBrother

    Some small quotes from that article . Does not sound like such a paradise to me - evidently I am now a "physical man"! Mind you I used to say to myself "Whatever....It is better than the alternative option of death at Armageddon .....

    "It will be a pleasure to be under Jehovah’s arrangements in the new world as we work toward beautifying the earth, teaching resurrected ones, and doing Jehovah’s will for mankind. But what if we were directed to perform a particular aspect of the work that did not appeal to us? Would we submit to that direction by doing our best to carry out and even enjoy our assignment?..........................
    If we cooperate with those taking the lead today, perhaps finding contentment and joy in new assignments of service, we are likely to have the same attitude in the new world......................
    Although we are promised an abundance of food and other necessities on earth in the new world, we will derive the greatest pleasure from having our spiritual need filled........................................
    Recreation and relaxation have their place, but the pleasure derived from them is increased when we put our relationship with Jehovah first. It will also be that way in the earthly Paradise."
  • Autumnation4414
    You ever notice how the WT never goes into detail about the clean up process of the paradise? The world's entire infrastructure is going to be destroyed and so its safe to assume that the internet, electricity, cell phones, streets, etc are all gone. How do these non-educated, science-hating people assume they are going to handle all of that? The people won't be perfect so people will still need their medicine. Where are they gonna get it? What about if someone gets hurt or needs a blood transfusion? I know it's probably a "wait on Jehobo" kind of thing but does that make any damn sense?
  • freemindfade

    You know one of the comments in last weeks watchtower made me sick. Something to the effect of:

    "We owe him love, expressed in obedience; and when we sin we fail in paying our debt of love to him, for sin is unloving toward God"

    Love? Debt? seriously? "paying our debt of love" it just sounds disgusting.

    They want to keep pounding the obedience, indebted sinner crap into peoples head.

    God is a wonderful guy for not killing you, because he owns you. And can do what ever he wants.

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