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  • RR

    Apostle, can't say for sure if it is true, I know I lived in the Bronx, NY where the incident took place, and many of the friends I knew personally, told me it was, that they were around at the time.

    I do know that the congregation I was partt of at the time, was the worse in the district, and that I could tell you some horror stories of what went on there, like sisters giving public talks and performing elder duties when their husbands didn't want to, I'm not kidding .... I remember it well, and didn't think anything of it, since I was new, some years later when I met an old friend and we were discussing the old days and he filled me in on what was going on, told me what I saw was just the cream from the top, it was much worse.

    I do know that the Society eventually sent in the spiritual swat team and DF'd the whole body of elders and servants and deleted all pioneers.

    Interestingly, I remember many elders and servants leaving the congregation, but wasn't sure why, my friend told me that someone tipped them off about an investigation and some of the elders and servants were getting themselves tranferred out, into new congregations, but were tracked down, dealt with and eventually DF'd.

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  • ajw

    Hi AAK,
    There's a few of us with connections to South Australia. I live there - although have only been there a few weeks this year due to work commitments elsewhere.
    UncleBruce harks back to Elizabeth too - although he seems to have df'd me ;-)
    You can email me at I'd be interested to know which congregation, as I'm sure UB would too.

  • TheApostleAK

    Speaking of Uncle Moose where's he been of late? Uncle Bruce and I know the same sort of people cos his wifes father was in my first cong. The congregation i'm talking about is somewhere in metro Adelaide.


    Dear Francoise,

    Many thanks for your help. I should perhaps mention that I am not and never have been a Jehovah's Witness. I personaly believe that the WTS is remarkably corupt and a dangerous example of cultism.

    I have found some interesting papers on the generic theme of cults, mind control etc and would appreciate any other material you could point me to.

    All Best Wishes,


  • Thirdson


    I attended a Sth Australian cong'. I knew Uncle Bruce's relative you mention or he knew us as kids. The same cong had Keith Kreiger as the Cong' Servant before the Elder arrangement. Ben Dykstra was a servant and I guess an elder if he is still around (he used to compose music for Aussie TV I seem to remember) . There were the Crawley's, and the Scott family at that time.

    It was a long time ago. E-mail me if you want more info on my Australian connection.


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  • ajw

    Hey AAK - it sounds like you don't live in SA anymore. Where do you live now? - perhaps we could catch up some time - I travel pretty extensively.

  • TheApostleAK

    AJW: I'm still in Adelaide. When I post sometimes I try to be vague about things for my protection.

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