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    Introvert 2

    Halfway through, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED ! The 'God's channel' idea started during the Rutherford era when there was a defection. Used to strong arm and intimidate as well as allow the yes men to side with the Judge to curry favor. Mr. Penton does a great job, valuable piece of objective research. Good info on Russell as well, started out with good intentions and also explains the miracle wheat. Basically he was naïve and duped.

    Required reading as are Raymond Franz and Don Cameron's book's.

    Good lesson on human nature in jockeying for status and position.

  • talesin

    When I was researching, looking around, late 80s, early 90s, Dr. Penton's books were the only ones in our library that were exclusively about the JW. There was no online community; I was on my own. They helped me a lot, especially since he *was* a JW, elder's son, etc, and also a scholarly work. It was a first for me, to read the real deal written by the real deal, and not just a chapter in a book about cults. (Mr. Franz' books are there now.)

    Happy to see a new edition; he is on facebook, and also has an account here. : ))

    I looked at a couple of the booksellers' sites here, but no copies. There's two I know, that don't have websites; I'll give them a call. One guy in particular has a huge stock, and really good prices. If he has any of Dr. Penton's books, I'll report back.

  • Vidiot
    Is it just me, or does anyone else feel like each new explanation the WTS puts out to cover their mistakes is nuttier than the last one?
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    berrygerry is a good site for used books.
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    I was disappointed the revised edition doesn't appear to mention ANY of the current GB. It's sort of a revision, but also stuck in a bit of a time warp, very much a 1980s book.

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