Sister attendants not able to give directions to a brother..Misogyny

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  • SuziDrums
    Dimmus Bulbicus
  • smiddy

    A sister cant give directions to a brother ,


    a brother can give erections to a sister ,

    sorry , I mean ,

    oh hell you know what i mean.


  • jhine

    To balance this a little , when I got up this morning I was definately female ( sat to have a wee) and last night I was in the pulpit doing the Bible readings and leading prayers . Our church has a female lay reader who preaches and can officiate at funerals , and our next vicar may well be female .

    We have ladies running Bible study groups and the next 3D course will be led by a man and woman , who are not married , well not to each other !

    Not all faith groups are like the WT .


  • blondie
    Frist thing that occurred to me, what if they wanted emergency info and the male attendant had stepped away...Deborah gave lots of advice and not just to women.
  • ToesUp

    Just wait until there are NO brothers left. It's great to see they are using Sisters. This means they don't have enough brothers. The smart ones are leaving.

    This is just the same ole JW thinking...JW women = second class citizens.

  • Listener
    Don't they have Sisters who are nurses manning the first aid stations at assemblies. Does that mean she can't tell a male who's cut himself that he needs to roll up his sleeve and lean his arm on the table?
  • snugglebunny

    Clearly the sisters simply just do not KNOW THEIR LIMITS!

  • SecretSlaveClass
    When I compare the ladies on this forum and the ladies in my life I can see why these Org women get trampled and accept it. The ladies here and in my life have self esteem and self confidence. Of course higher education which the majority Org zombies are discouraged from, goes a long way in enforcing and improving those traits.
  • ToesUp
    I was counselled after on of my talks, that I can not teach from the platform. WTF? My question is, how come you can not teach from the platform by can go out in field serve us and teach? Crazy!
  • Vidiot

    Brother Holdinitin: "Hey, Sister Attendant, where's the nearest Men's Room?"

    Sister Attendant: "Sorry, Brother Holdinitin, I can't tell you... in fact, I can't even tell you that you'll have to keep holdin' it in..."

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