I've heard 2 people have found the RC hearings

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  • Dagney

    One "brother" was just texting me how good the regional convention was 2 days ago, when today it was "DID YOU SEE WHAT IS HAPPENING IN AUSTRALIA? JACKSON WAS INTERVIEWED!" Lolololol.

    Another "brother" I heard was talking about the hearings to another MS in the hall.

    This hearing was amazing and validating for us ex's. We couldn't stop watching...many triggers...many memories. Even if the GB are never compelled to change their policies on their own, these videos of their words and attitudes will be there forever for all to stumble upon. It is the gift that will keep on giving. The only bright spot in just a despicable, heinous ongoing history of the judicial procedures of the WBTS.

  • 3rdgen
    Dagney, my hubby has been talking to a JW friend of his who for years has been complaining about the WTBTS and GB yet refuses to leave or take any decisive action........until the ARC hearings. For reasons only he knows, seeing the whole thing and watching GJ testify was FINALLY the tipping point for him. He may be joining us soon.
  • Dagney

    This is so exciting. Those that don't have their rose colored glasses on, like your friend, will absolutely see and understand what happened there at the RC. It will hit them between the eyes and in the gut as it did us.

    There could not have been a better interrogator as Angus, and the justice with his quiet, determined way, just added that touch of disgust we all felt when hearing those answers.

    Like I said before, I wonder how the WBTS is going to spin the numbers in Australia. They will do something to make it look like the hearings had no effect on the JW population.

    Exciting times this! xoxox

  • cantleave
    I really hope this is a wake-up call for many.
  • vinman
    All it takes is one of us to mention it in our area and it WILL spread. First, JW's love juicey gossip. What can be jucier than Jackson on trial? Any sane witness would be curious to the bone. Second, I feel it is important for witnesses to know that the entire world can download the Shepherding the Flock book. Because that really tells us how dire the situation is. That should be told to at least one elder. I know that my body elders knows all about it. And now it will spread like wildfire.
  • DesirousOfChange

    I have not heard of a single person in our area (Midwestern USA) who has any knowledge of the Commission, except my "apostate-thinking" friends (of course, I am out of the JW loop). I doubt there is a legitimate source for one to stumble across this info. (Hidden in the back pages of CNN online doesn't count.) Australia just doesn't make front page news in the US. If it could be somehow connected to Cecil the Lion in Africa, that would be front page news. Or if The Donald would say something about it. The US media has its priorities.


  • umbertoecho

    It may not be news worthy in many countries, but I'd love to be a fly on the wall in all the Bethel boardrooms.

    It's on the net. It's transcribed in word or pdf on the RC site. It's there for ever. I'm very very bloody happy about that. It is good substantial material from a very public and government approved Public Platform. I feel all fluffy at times when I click on RC JW or child...abuse RC...Up come the media, the sites, the video's. Something about us humans that I do like, is our curiosity. There will be those who would perhaps remain forever in the dark, then one day something will piss them off and they will go to the net and find this wealth of information...Not from some apostate site, but from a government site. I was terrified a few years ago...........not now though......

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