If God exists ....

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  • iconoclastic

    If God exists, He must be a God of freedom. Because He has endowed us with free-will, and never interferes with it (as confirmed by our own experiences). That means He wants everyone to make their choice and reap the fruits accordingly. This means many would choose as they like—bringing varying degree of goodness and badness, and God will naturally be impartial to everyone. This would mean the following:

    1) God will have nothing to do if everyone makes right choices which safeguards the harmony within and without, or

    2) God will have to recreate ideal situation if things go to the worst.

    With this introduction, my friend sent me an interesting excerpt from one spiritual magazine he read this week, and it goes like:

    “The people of various tendencies can only be accommodated into the corresponding phases of cyclic history. Each cycle of history runs like a special ship, a mammoth ship, which has 84 decks/floors numbered in descending order—first on top (smallest) and 84th (largest) being on the entrance floor, and it has a circular route around the globe. This ship is special in one more sense too that it starts the journey by taking a very few chosen travelers from the starting point putting them in the first floor (top-most floor), and when it reaches the second port, some more people will board but into the second floor and in which travelers from the first floor will also join; and when it reaches the third port, some more people will board but into the third floor, in which all people from the second floor will also join; thus when it reaches the 84th port, it will be fully crowded with all the passengers as everyone changed only the floor, but did not go out of the ship.

    The higher the floor, the more the facilities and comforts will be and vice versa. First 20 floors are reserved for the people whose character is like that of gods and goddesses whose highlight is altruism. And the remaining 63 floors are for those who are passionately seeking personal gains in all their actions and for those who are always complaining never getting satisfied over anything. And finally when the time comes they are all together in the 84th floor, the Captain (God) takes measures to restore and rejuvenate the condition of the ship and of the passengers. And as they remember their past glorious journey, the souls resolve to recreate their original pure and divine state which will enable them to restart their journey as gods and goddesses.

    In this journey, the good people take births in the good phase (first half of the cycle of history) number-wise—according to one’s merit and time, and will continue to take birth in the successive phases too. The mediocre people take birth in the mediocre phase (first part of the second half of the cycle of history) number-wise, and will continue to take birth in the next phase also. The selfish people take birth in the last phase (last part of the second half of the cycle of history) numberwise. Such a sketch of history ensures that good people are available throughout the cycle of history!

    Thus the sketch of the history of mankind is such that people who have karmic accounts to be settled will come together again at the appropriate place and time. There is, in fact, no such thing as accident. Everything that happens to us happens by the Cause-and-Effect principle and not by chance. Hence there is nothing to be worried over receiving the unpleasant, and nor to be elated over receiving the pleasant. There is nothing to feel personal in any happening as everything is just ONE THING LEADING TO THE OTHER. Once an action is performed, it is like a seed planted—its sprouting, growth and fruition are absolutely certain—something the forces of nature will do meticulously precise in its own time and its own way. Once convinced of this, one can live in peace and freedom as he knows whatever happened or is happening to him is the fruit of what he sowed in the past, and what he does now will definitely have its appropriate fruits in the future. Hence, it allows one to be very passionate about all his duties and dispassionate about their results–which means one should add fullness to whatever one is doing now which would make every moment of his life joyful.”

    I found this interesting, hence thought of sharing with you!

  • Witness My Fury
    Witness My Fury

    Which cult are you recruiting for again?

    Smells like this lot again: http://www.brahmakumaris.info/

  • freemindfade
    If God exists... I'll eat my hat... oh wait... my hat doesn't exist... how ironic....
  • SecretSlaveClass

    If God exists he's sick of people claiming it's his "will" that millions starve, die and kill each other every year, or that people would be so self-important they'd think that he actually gave a rat's ass whether they won a tennis game or not.

    Yech! Get over the God thing already ...

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    If god exists: then we live in a terrifying world of arbitrary magic.

    Freedom is knowing that god is irrelevant.

  • SecretSlaveClass

    Half banana

    If god exists: then we live in a terrifying world of arbitrary magic.

    I like how you put that.
  • punkofnice
  • trevor
    If God Exists...

    To save a lot of wasted time it would be prudent to examine whether this assumed male god exists before gushing about his qualities. Putting the cart before the horse gets you nowhere.

  • KateWild

    Well I am not sure God is a benevolent being really as Punky has quite aptly pointed out.......thanks Punk great pic........but I do think God is the creator........and he has guided evolution at certain points.

    I base this on Occam's Razor the simplest solution must be right.....but if there is any chemical evidence to support unguided processes I and open to changing my mind.

    Kate xx

  • nicolaou

    Kate, how can the most complex entity imaginable, more complex than anything that has ever been observed, be postulated as a simple solution?

    Whopping misrepresentation of Occam's Razor.

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