What were you favorite book in the organization? I know what you're thinking...LOL!

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  • Bonsai

    Commentary of James.

    It blew my mind when I found out that it was mainly researched and written by Ed Dunlap.

  • Ucantnome

    Most of the books were studied at one of the meetings and I cant say I ever felt I enjoyed them there so why would I take time to read them.

    So I would have to go for one of the shorter ones as being favourite, could be any.

    Since I don't attend any more I would say "God's Eternal Purpose Now Triumphing" For Man's Good

  • Ucantnome
    The front cover of "God's Eternal Purpose Now Triumphing" For Man's Good is orange with blue type such a great combination
  • Xanthippe

    Growing up I loved the paradise pictures of the snow-capped mountains and lakes. I've always loved mountains but we couldn't afford to travel when I was a child, we had to save for conventions instead.

    Two years ago I stayed in a hotel in the Italian lakes in April. One evening after it had been raining I sat in the restaurant of my hotel and looked out the window at beautiful lake Como surrounded by mountains heavy with snow.

    It was one of the most beautiful sights I have ever seen and I didn't have to please any God to get there.

  • FayeDunaway

    The happiness book, very fluff, but when I was a little girl and it came out at the DC it was so FANCY with its gold cover and white roses!

    I definitely remember studying Mankinds Search for God, blondie that's weird...

    The creation book was definitely more interesting than the others. I didn't agree with much of what it said (its denial of early humans etc.) but I enjoyed its discussion of life, the cell, earth, space etc.

    my very favorite was the Fucshia songbook. I hated when they came out with the mustard color hardback one.

    The revelation book was always a bit fun, because it always got people talking 'see we need to study it again now because they know the end is here!!' and the book was batsh*t crazy.

  • The Marvster
    The Marvster

    1. Revelation Grand Climax: AWESOME pictures...

    2. The Greatest Man Who ever Lived: more AWESOME pictures, loved the pictures of Jesus, made me wanna hug the guy a thousand times.

    3. all time favourite for the group study was 'Is There a Creator Who Cares about You?', loved all the information about mind boggling distances between stars and galaxies and incomprehensible facts about the universe... basically anything mind boggling and incomprehensible gets me totally excited...

    (it was very upsetting to learn that the org was 'quote mining', 'misquoting' scientists and 'cherry picking' parts of scientific findings to prove the 'truth' about creation? )

  • JustVisting
    Come on you all, what about "Learn from the Great Teacher"? The compassion and tenderness depicted in the illustration where Jesus heals the leper still brings a tear to my eyes.
  • Ucantnome
    I asked my wife and she said Rebecca and I said no it has to be a WT publication and she said oh no.
  • punkofnice
    Hated them all...but the one I hated more than anything was Survival into a new Earth. It plumbed the depths of banal beyond redemption.
  • tiki
    The old red Babylon book. Classic ...one of the few I kept. And the commentary on James that got Dunlop canned.

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