What were you favorite book in the organization? I know what you're thinking...LOL!

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  • JWdaughter
    I left a little before Franz, so I wasn't unduly influenced, either way. Still liked that little book. Ugly color, though. Puke. Wasn't it?
  • sparrowdown
    Yeah, baby poo brown.lol. I managed to score my copy from the KH library when they were having a clean out and giving all the old books away. It seemed very different from the bible teach book and all the new ones.
  • eva luna
    eva luna

    As a kid I loved the AID book. My non-JW friend had a set of Encyclopedia Britannica. I really wanted a set . Was a dictionary nerd too.

    So the AID book was something that passed a lot time; something similar and approved.

    I still have two copies for sentimental reasons.

    As an adult, I never read any JW book through . I would get lost in my sort of ADD world. They were to hard to hard to follow and just made me feel worthless/unworthy. So I just went somewhere else.

    Being made to study that horrid not/Paradise book just gave me bloody nightmares. But that's another topic.

  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot

    I had a collection of 60 foreign language "Truth" books back in the days when they were only 25 cents each. I remember that when I ordered a book in a foreign language that was out of print the Watchtower would refund me in postage stamps

    It was the book I used in my first study. They used to call it the blue bomb. There was no real need to recycle them into another book but then the Society thrives on pseudo-change.

    I dumped them after my disfellowshipping which I now regret. They could have fetched a good price on E bay.

  • steve2

    VI, you're talking about "The Triuth That Leads to Eternal Life"; we called t it the 'blue bombshell". It was released at a convention in 1968 (?) and touted as the last ever Bible study book. It "revolutionized" Bible studies with interested persons. No longer were Bible studies to go on for several years (as had been the case with many newcomers to the organization). The time line for Bible studies was set at about 6 months.

    The organization was so convinced the end was just around the corner that the shortened time to conduct Bible studies became an additional proof of how close the end was. And brothers hinted it was the last ever Bible study book.

    The fact that it was discontinued as a Bible study book shortly after 1975, just shy of 40 years ago, says a lot of how deluded we were then.

  • wannaexit

    I liked many. I was a real cooked jdub:

    Faith on the March by Macmillan

    Paradise lost to paradise restored

    Jehovah's thousand year reign

    Babylon the Great has fallen.

    Young people ask

    Aid to bible understanding

    All scripture inspired of god

    I can't believe I liked all those books

  • fiddler

    Like Steve I was that early nerdy reader type and loved the Babylon The Great book, first part only. I remember studying it as a child and then later reading it as a teenager. I believe they studied it again in the '70's. Then it was The Commentary on The Letter of James. Of course I liked that one! Ray Franz had a hand in it. I really did study those books and the other society offerings and in the end I could only say that it was because I studied them that I could no longer believe in the JW religion.

  • Lemonp
    Daniels Prophecy! It "proved" everything was right!!
  • adjusted knowledge
    adjusted knowledge
    Mankind's search for God was mine too. In fact my Atheist neighbor actually liked the book, and argued with me that the Watchtower paid some outside agencies to write it.
  • blondie

    The Mankind's Search for God book was never studied officially in the book study setting. I kept asking after each new book was finished. I was told it was meant only to be a reference book. I have checked the schedules for the book study in the KMs all the way back to when the book first came out.

    I don't even think it was a part on the Theocratic School like the Proclaimers book was.

    I liked the Greatest Man book best...about Jesus, no question for every paragraph. It allowed the illusion of really putting your own words into it and studying the bible.

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