Another annointed disfelowshipped for showing love

by poopie 24 Replies latest jw friends

  • notsurewheretogo
    Ditto. On more than one occasion too. The last one was a complete pig. He used to march around with his nose in the air.

    I, much happily, found some dirt on our COBE and I confronted him with it...a month later he moved congregations. I made sure the dirt went with him...he was not reappointed an elder...although I understand he is now...sadly.

  • punkofnice
    notsure - No surprises there.
  • Vidiot

    notsurewheretogo - "...the bigger bullies always win..."

    Nailed it.

    The ruthless will always prevail in the short term... that's how Rutherford took over.

    However, that very quality is also what causes their downfall in the long run, because eventually, some people simply won't put up with that shit anymore, have little left to lose, and start fighting back.

    Simply posting on this forum is a form of activism... a way of doing just that.

  • mana11
    True brotherly love!
  • truthlover

    They did it to Ray!

    and apparently none of the elders wanted to help him move to another location

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