JW's Approach To Bible Interpretaion

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  • Diogenesister
    Umbertoecco Apparently his phd is in COMPARATIVE religous/cultural studies. He has no qualifications in any of the bibles original languages ie Koine Greek, Hebrew, Aramaic etc and even he states that the 2013 editions insertion of Jehovah in the NT has no merit.
  • xjwsrock


    JW method of interpreting the bible:

    1. Decide what you want the bible to say.
    2. Take scriptures out of context to support your claim of what the bible says.
    3. ???
    4. Profit.

    3. Make a Cult

  • Vidiot

    JW's approach to Bible interpretation: "we have The Truth, and everything in the Bible must reinforce that (even when it doesn't)".

  • umbertoecho

    even he states that the 2013 editions insertion of Jehovah in the NT has no merit.

    True, he does say that, but it is so buried in the text, as to be easily missed. He makes a few statements like this, but goes on to "defend" if you like, the "superiority" of the NWT, this is not a fair means of explaining an understanding. When he does say "no merit" he really embeds this in a string of rather more " supportive" declarations as to it's more accurate renderings.

    I think his book is only about 200 pages in all. Not such a long book in terms of supplying a deep explanation of why the how and so on ........of defending a bible that has now put the name of Jehovah in places where there is no indication it should ever have been there, from the earliest Greek manuscripts. I am no theologian, but I do respect that language is complex. I studied in Paris for the sake of getting the true sense of how French is spoken. When I went to Brittany, my French was considered "Parisien" and not approved of........not one little bit. For the ones in Brittany considered their language to be the pure form. This was only a few decades ago.

    I had hoped to continue on with linguistics, but could not cope with the work load and making a living.....I saw a huge and fascinating world there and do regret that I did not pursue it. This is a very difficult study and an never ending one. I do trust many of those who are in this field. for many of them are not the least interested in "religion" No. They are interested in the translations being accurate and in keeping with the times in which they were written.

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