New Watchtower Corporation Formed !!!

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  • Listener

    Sektenkult, my understanding is that if you set up a non profit entity (in Australia) then any profits and monies cannot be syphoned off to an ordinary Company where monies can be held, owned, used or distributed to shareholders by the Directors as they see fit within their own constitution. America is fairly similar but I stand to be corrected.

    If the non profit entity is forced or needed to dissolve, the money and assets would need to be transferred to another non profit, it's in their constitution which is a requirement to allow them to be a non profit and receive all the tax benefits. Whereas, with an ordinary, private company the Directors dictate ownership and control.

    The properties in Brooklyn were owned by the Watchtower, as a non profit organization. Who knows how much money they are putting into ordinary Company structures. It's interesting that they have a seperate donation box for their proposed media compound and it's an easy way to legally divert donations into a Comany which is not a non profit.

  • Corney

    JWCS LLC and JW Congregation Support Inc are legally separate entities but they are surely connected and appear to be US LDC's alter egos. Proof: (notice e-mail, address and WT Associate General Counsel Richard Moake).

    Interestingle, JWCS LLC is a Delaware company; another WTS-affiliated Delaware companies are WHQ Travel LLC and Real Propery Department PA LLC.

  • Gorbatchov

    Tknx Corney for this info.


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