New Watchtower Corporation Formed !!!

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  • xjwsrock

    I couldn't figure out how to display the logo earlier. Here is a try:

  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    More and more the Witnesses' sky daddy (Jehovah) is being reduced to the initial 'J' as in....JW Congregation Support, Inc....JW.Org...etc...etc...etc!

    I find that soooo hilarious!

  • sparrowdown

    JW Congregation Support Inc?

    Just a subsiduary of Bastards Inc.

    BTW, the "support" like all their "support" will only go one way.

  • xjwsrock

    Yeah should be;

    JW Congregations Support Us Inc.

  • SuziDrums
    Follow the money!
  • ToesUp
    We were always taught to be proud of Jehovahs name. So much for that!
  • berrygerry

    It's probably so they can divert money into that corporation and keep it separate. That way, when they get sued, they can say "look, we don't have any money! Sure JW Congregation Support, Inc has money, but they are their own thing over there. You can't have their money".

    This is Corporate Asset Management 101.

    Eg. if a corporation leases out equipment, the equipment is owned by a separate corporation than the the corporation that does the lease agreements.

    An extra layer of insulation against lawsuits.

    JW Support only OWNS the buildings, and leases to the congos.

    What takes place inside is the responsibility of the congo, not JW Support.

  • JeffT

    I just looked at the NY state corporations info. This was originally organized in 2001 as the Regional Building Committee of Jehovah's Witnesses Inc. It appears that the name change took place this year.

    I think they are going to have a hard time proving its a separate entity to dodge lawsuits. The only way they are going to accomplish that will be to give a much higher degree of autonomy to the local congregations, which I can't picture them doing.

  • bafh
    If you have several corporations owned or controlled by the same people it becomes a control group and may be treated as one entity. That is for for-profit corporations and it largely has to do with taxes I think. I am not sure how that applies to non-profits. The announcement in the OP didn't specify that this corporation is non-profit. So it may not be. Seems to me they are looking for ways to move assets.
  • Vidiot

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