Theory of Evolution and humanity are moving in parallel, and in opposite direction too!

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    Im as lost as you are. I have no clue what the OP is on about. Language barrier problem perhaps?

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    What the school biology books say may be true, and understandable. But what is not understandable is what they are interpret through the supposed proofs. This is the reason why we find some scientists who do not believe the theory of evolution.

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    Evolution theory is like fly that tries to fly against a storm or an avalanche. Evolution theory indirectly implied that we humans are the evolute through lower beings (which obviously means things/organisms evolve into something better). Yet history of humanity show otherwise. Most humans worship convenience, and each time one does something convenient, he is travelling on the road to greed. He seeks short cuts. Look the way he turned hunting innocent animals! He started this easy method of obtaining food because agriculture seemed to be too difficult for him, as it required a continuous process of putting forward effort to produce.

    Whereas sitting behind a stone, waiting for innocent animals to come along, and destroying and eating them seemed to be the easier way! The food we eat and the thoughts and actions that spring forth from us have a distinct relationship. ‘Garbage in, garbage out’ seems to be true of our bodies too. If you put toxic food, or garbage, into your system, the texture of your thoughts and actions has a tendency to become more un-reconciling, selfish, less concerned for others, and lusty -and potentially dangerous to society. Did vegetarians evolving into non-vegetarians help? Did it bring any better results?

    You say you do not understand my post. One day what the NASA’s scientists warn will come true: “New Statistics Warn that Global Sea Levels Continue to Rise At An Alarming Rate.” ( That day, you will also ponder over in the same line as I did!

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    Thank you for the very sound observation

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    Icon - I'm sure you are a lovely person......however, I haven't a clue what your on about. You are using words, putting them together and they are not making sense. No offense meant.

    You say you do not understand my post. One day what the NASA’s scientists warn will come true: “New Statistics Warn that Global Sea Levels Continue to Rise At An Alarming Rate.” ( That day, you will also ponder over in the same line as I did!

    Is it just me.............?

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    Half banana

    Iconoclastic, why not go on a course of critical thinking? Scepticism is the best approach to assess information.

    When you write something ask questions like; is this really true? Is there concrete evidence for this? Is the evidence from a reliable source? Are there arguments which would invalidate this statement? Is my argument internally coherent? Is that evidence falsifiable? If it's not, it's not worth being called evidence, a good example of an unfalsifiable statement is, "God is love", it is thereby rendered to be a mere assumption... on which nothing more can be built.

    When dealing with theorems such as evolution we can ask; Does this statement, or mine, agree with the scientific method i.e peer reviewed by other scientists and does it have have the ability to be replicated to test for its truthfulness? For there is no better way of determining something as being true than the scientific method, unless you have found one?

    You have many crossed threads in your post such as making evolution responsible for the cultural societies of Homo sapiens. If you want to make this link you have to demonstrate that evolution is true or false in the first place and then illustrate the connection. If you are trying to make a logical argument or statement you must remove personal bias and emotion from it.

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    Proponents of evolution theory was comfortable with their easiest method of induction that says something like this: "I saw a blind man in the US, then in Russia, then in Australian, then in Africa ..., hence all men are blind."

    Evolutionary theory is one of the most proven scientific theories there are, it has proven consistant with pretty much all of of our scientific studies of biology. I am unclear exactly what you are trying to say with your quote since evolution says nothing of the kind, perhaps you could elaborate on what it is about evolution that you disagree with.

    Yet proofs are abundant for the decline (opposite of evolution) we experience globally!

    Decline in what? Living standards? No, those are up

    "The Human Development Index (HDI) is a comparative measure of life expectancy, literacy, education, standards of living, and quality of life for countries worldwide. It is a standard means of measuring well-being, especially child welfare"

    If you look at the referenced sources you will see a lot of green arrows showing how by any measure life is improving for the majority of people. Perhaps you could specify exactly what measure you think has gone down?

    1) Most humans declined into greed, the result of which is climate change which has the potential to wipe out all life from the earth. July 2015 was the hottest month in recorded history.( Global recession (another effect of greed) that started in 2008 is now all set to assume the size of a global tornado!

    I would agree that we are all responsible for our response to global warming, I wouldn't agree that it is down to greed since I don't see that there is a clear link between the two at least at an individual level.

    2) Religions (from religare, "reunite") declined into divisiveness!

    Religions are as divisive as they have ever been, perhaps you could point to a period of history where religions where not stirring up hatred, war or trying to run the lives of people who either don't subscribe or subscribe to a different religion.

    3) When people were told to sacrifice the beast called ego, they declined into the easier option of sacrificing a literal animal (followed by eating its flesh too)

    Didn't the bible say that we could eat animals? Sounds like your religion is trying to sow the seeds of divisiveness to me.

    4) Human body too is on the reverse gear with deadly disease being on the increase (

    See my previous answer, if your suggestion were true then the human population should be decreasing surely? Perhaps you could tell us if the human population is decreasing or if it is in fact increasing massively?

    5) Bible correctly foretold a global moral decline (the very opposite of evolution) in 2 Timothy 3:1-5

    Global moral decline (the decline in crime in most western countries suggests that we are becoming more moral rather than less of course) is not the opposite of evolution, this suggests to me that you don't understand what the word evolution means in the context of biology. It doesn't mean improvement.

    All the scientific achievements we have made so far is the result of various combinations we have tried with properties of various elements of nature, most of which came with their ill-effects too, thus neutralizing all the supposed benefits—hardly an evolution from good to better.

    Science has pretty much eradicated polio and we can see the benefits of all sorts of technology and medicine. In the western world we dont have to worry about a small cut getting infected, surgery is relatively safe, we have clean water to drink, our food is safe to eat and we live long healthy lives. What are the side effects that wipe out those benefits? We don't have to go back that far back to see high mortality rates and unsafe living conditions for most people. It is interesting that you complain about science whilst sat at your computer, pampered and well fed, I would say that makes you a hypocrite.

    This is the reason why we find some scientists who do not believe the theory of evolution.

    Real scientists working in the field of evolutionary biology publish their work in peer reviewed scientific journals, there isn't a single peer-reviewed piece of work that disagrees with the fundamentals of evolution. The people you have found either do not work in the field and are thus unqualified to discuss evolution or are not scientists at all.

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    So much bad information.

    Morals and evolution have nothing to do with each other. You are comparing two completely different things. It's like you are saying that the fact we have less oranges than yesterday proves we have less apples that yesterday.

    Evolution is about survival of a species, period. There is nothing either moral or not moral in survival. Morals are a construct of mankind, nature doesn't care.

    Humans have not "declined into greed", we were always greedy, it's just that now there are more of us and technology has enabled us to do more activities that produce carbon, thus climate change. Nothing to do with evolution either.

    Religions have not "declined into decisiveness". More people = more religions. Also nothing to do with evolution. Nothing.

    The bible foretold nothing. People have been complaining about declining morals since before the bible. In the bible, slavery was good and rape was allowable in the right circumstances and women were owned by their husbands. I would argue we are more moral now than in the bible times.

    Deadly diseases are not on the increase. One hundred years ago the average life expectancy was 45. We have eradicated many comunicable sideases and made serious improvements in cancer treatment. You can go back to 1915, I would rather live right now, or even better, a hundred years from now when they will have beaten cancer and heart disease.

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    Startrekangel In the animal kingdom, life is not respected the same way humans do.

    Just out of intetest, chimpanzees, who cannot swim, have been found in zoo moats, drowned, trying to save other chimps.

    In tests, Macaque monkeys have starved themselves for days at a time when they noticed that in order to recieve food, other macaques would be given electric shocks.

    Scientists believe these behaviours may be similar to behaviours of our early ancestors which have evolved into human altruism.

    So thats tool using, lies and now empathy. How much else will we discover our ape cousins do too.

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