New Kingdom Halls

by panhandlegirl 23 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • punkofnice

    In my area they sold off kingdom is now a Pentecostal church. Whatever happened to it being dedicated to Jehovah(tm)?

    They amalgamated into the old Plymouth Brethren Building. It took 5 years to sort it out.

    So much for Jehovah(tm) speeding it up....or whatever it is old sky magician does.

  • oppostate

    Around here in New England there's been KH consolidations all over. There's been a couple of years when nothing much has been done except volunteers giving two or more weeks to help out at Warwick.

    Concerning the new KH plans, nothing much has been talked about, never mind being approved, although every KH with more than 5 grand in the bank has had to fork their "excess" over to Momma WT.

    The new dentist-office/bank-branch flat-roof KH design makes absolutely no sense for our ice-and-heavy-snow winters. What are they thinking?

  • SecretSlaveClass
    If you believe they're building new KHs then it's more likely you'll donate and assume that's how the money is being used. Of course most of us here seriously doubt that ..
  • Ignoranceisbliss
    I had heard that a new one is being built in Waterford Connecticut. I believe this is the first of the new style KHs and I am not sure what stage it is in.
  • ToesUp

    The new Kingdom Hall thing is just an excuse to ask for more money. It was also an excuse for the money grab. There is not enough growth to justify new Kingdom Halls.

    All you Lurkers who can't leave due to family. Vote with your wallets! Hit em where it hurts!

  • SecretSlaveClass


    Agreed. That was exactly my point.

  • panhandlegirl


    I also agree with you re: Vote with your wallet! They already want all you have.

  • Oubliette

    Curiously, the expansion and building always seems to be going on somewhere else!

    Why could that be?

    OK, everyone, let's review ....

  • JWdaughter

    We have a new style kh here, built near freeways, hotels and a large medical clinic. Its small. The gates are locked all the time, shut when meetings are going on. Its weird. Local mormon churches have gates open during activities, jws are in there loke its jail. In my area are 2 halls, 2 English cong, 2 spanish and 2 others. Vietnamese and Cambodian, I think. Never seen a jw on the streets or my neighborhood except when one of them thrust a tract at me in mcdonalds parking lot as she was headed to hall one sun morn.i guess her half hour walk was a good way to get in some time.

    New hall is a single, adequate parking. Both old and new halls have high security gates. New hall has many windows, old hall has none. An old hall on other side of freeway in a nice neighborhood with beautiful grounds is gone now. I think they are in storefront locale.

  • Vidiot
    I have it very good authority that at least nine congregations in the Peace Country area of Alberta have been either dissolved or consolidated in just the past decade.

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