Active JW Elders Speak Out

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  • Tenacious

    Hey guys.

    Not sure if these have made the rounds (tried search feature).

    Eric posted these on his YouTube channel JW Struggle.


  • Truthexplorer
    Very true in Steves last statement. Those still stuck in are not alone. There are many of us. I very much related to what was said.
  • ToesUp

    These interviews are worth listening to. It really shows how many are waking up. It is so good to see these Elders, MS's and Pioneers sharing their experiences and thoughts.

    The GB should be VERY concerned for their future!

  • Dagney
    This is a great interview. Thank for sharing.
  • Boeing Stratofortress
    Boeing Stratofortress

    Historically, there have been schisms in this religion, as well as in other denominations. The Bible Student Movement comes to mind. I wonder if this trend, of elders speaking up, could eventually lead to another branch of JW-ism. Maybe a less corrupt version called "JW-Lite." Or, perhaps some would migrate to the less cultish Bible Students, or Christadelphians.

    Somethin' to chew on, anyway.

  • possum
    Thankyou very good
  • wannaexit
    Enjoyed the first interview and will listen to the second. Thank you for posting and thank you to Eric.
  • Dumplin

    yes Truthexplorer... Steves last statement. Those still stuck in are not alone...

    He felt that was important to get that message out there. I'm new here, but just in the past week I've read posts that just tear your heart out from young ones literally "trapped" at the KH, reaching out and desperate for our support here on this site to help them make it through just one more meetng. A very real plea to "HELP ME"!

    maybe it's the 'Shepherd' in him, I don't know, but Steve was reaching out to them. He said: "Anyone still stuck in the KH just know that you are not alone...there are 1000s of us there...sitting in just can feel it. Don't give up. We're all trying to get out together. Important to know you're not're not alone."

    Big Point.

  • Mary J Blige
    Mary J Blige
    The sincerity of James' disgust in the money grab was really good to hear. I must confess that I thought the May 2015 broadcast was apostate mockery it was so tv evangelist yet I was viewing it on JW.ORG. I was in disbelief. It is reassuring to know awake elders who stay in are using their position to help shepherd the flock in ernest.
  • ToesUp

    I love these interviews that Eric does. Eric has really helped us out with our fade. I love his perspective on things. If you are on here Eric, thank you for all that you do. I want to thank the majority on here for helping us out too. It has taught us how to "play the game" of fading. We are doing things OUR WAY, giving the Elders and other busy bodies NOTHING. They have taken enough of our time and energy!

    My husband and I were probably considered "losers" in the Congregation. Never "reached out" for the almighty "priviledges." You know... pioneering, need greaters, MS or Eldership. There was always something holding us back. Something just did not seem right. We never were fully engaged. Now we know why.

    When we read and listen to these ones who put there all into this cult (some for many, many years), it really encourages us that we really weren't losers. Just people who saw so much wrong. It saddens me that so many thought they were doing the right thing. Serving Jehovah is all some wanted to do. They had such good intentions. Good/solid people.

    For all of you that come forward and have been hurt deeply...we would like to thank you for coming forward and helping all on here and on other sites as well. We are grateful for you all!

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