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  • Gopher


    Have you read Leviticus 18:23, "And you must not give your emission to any beast to become unclean by it, and a woman should not stand before a beast to have connection with it. It is a violation of what is natural."

    Since you have such trouble with meanies like myself on this board, have you gone in to your local, loving body of elders, and discussed with EACH ONE PERSONALLY what your concerns are, what your needs are, and why you feel what you're doing is for the best?

    I am sure that EACH ONE would like to get every detail, analyze it so as to be MOST HELPFUL in your time of need.

    A concerned rodent,


  • teejay

    hello, messenger... uh, your last name isn't Hall, is it?
    but i digress.

    i was going to respond to your initial posting but had
    to find some tissue paper -- first to wipe the tears of
    joy in meeting such a delightful, warm-hearted
    individual, then, to wipe the tears of all consuming
    peals of laughter after reading the other responses.

    sorry for the unfortunate kittens and ducks. i don't
    care much for kittens. well.. i like kittens, it's just
    that they become cats if they live long enough, and
    cats are a little too cavalier and nonchalant for my
    taste. i hear dogs are regularly consumed in some
    cultures (tastes like chicken), so i guess if you want
    to have them for supper, be my guest. too bad you
    don't live in S. Florida -- i saw a piece on 60 Minutes
    not long ago where feral cats have gotten to be a
    real problem. maybe you could re-locate... clear
    that problem up right quick!

    but i do not want to tell you my story, unless
    you ask, then i will have to refuse

    dang, and i was jussss about to ask. oh, well. my loss.

    please do not try to help me or i will kill myself and it will be your fault

    you sure you don't need some help? we all gotta do
    what we gotta do, ya know. and you're an albanian
    dwarf, huh? i knew a dwarf (or was he a midget?) once.
    Stevie was pretty cool. he had an operation to make
    his legs longer. it didn't take... he's still way short.

    i'm thinking that you have some pent up hostility since
    you're a midg... er, dwarf. you think?

    anyway, pleased to have such a warm, friendly voice
    out there in cyberland. write back.


  • nicolaou

    "i have to be involved with six large hamsters every night for five nights running"
    Running! Good god man, get them into a dry bath with you, they can't get away from you that way.

    "i am an albanian dwarf"
    does that mean you're a little guy with pasty skin and red eyes? Uuuurgh!

    "now i am going to hide"
    and the rest of us will count to 100. fruitloop

    . http://communities.msn.co.uk/altJehovahsWitnesses

  • RedhorseWoman

    I do NOT understand all the recent talk about scapegoating. From my experience, it is difficult, if not impossible to scape your goats. First of all, they are very nimble, and really, really fast. Cows are much easier to scape, but the benefits of scapecowing are minimal, and hardly worth the effort. In fact, scaping of any kind has fallen into disfavor almost everywhere.

    Hamsters, kittens and ducks...oh my. I would suggest elephants, rhinos, and hippos. They are much more of a challenge. Besides, the visuals with the latter group of animals are much funnier for those of us contemplating your sordid little story.

  • trevor

    Straighten yourself out Messenger,

    Or I will inflict you with a poem too. No one gets away
    whinging while I'm around.

  • Prisca

    Dear Azzaz...

    err,...um... never mind!!

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