Guardians of Doctrine.

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  • wannaexit
    In 45 years of association, I've never heard that the gb were the guardian of the doctrines. I did a double take when I heard Jackson say that.
  • stuckinarut2
    Isn't the bible supposed to be the "guardian of doctrine"? Not a group of men?
  • Dumplin

    I was thinking about what 'Guardians of Doctrine' might mean. We know that anyone who disagrees with current WT teachings/understandings is labeled apostate and swiftly dealt with maybe that's what guarding their doctrine means...they'll d/f anybody brave enough to challenge them... I'm not sure.

    But if that is so, then all the more reason for Oubliette to post the infamous "Let's review: It's a cult!" comment. lol

  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower
    Just google guardian of doctrine and all hits on the first page refer to the Catholic Church.
  • millie210

    That is a great find OrphanCrow!

    You find the most amazing things!!!

    Another little point about saying they are "guardians of the doctrine"...

    was that to side step the point Angus Stewart was trying to establish that they are the creators of the doctrine?

  • wannaexit
    I wonder when they will start calling themselves "guardian angels". It's coming folks.
  • steve2

    I admire Jackson's restraint.

    I would not have flinched had he said the members of the GB were "Guardians of the Truth" - but of Doctrine? Huh?!

    That 'mission' statement does sound very much like it was lifted straight out of some introductory course on Roman Catholicism or out of the da Vinci Code. Only someone drunk on his own pomposity could utter the phrase and not hide in embarrassment.

  • berrygerry

    Guardians Of Doctrine (G.O.D.)

    With respect to John 1:1.

    GJ does not state that they are "a" Guardian of Doctrine (G.O.D.), but that they are THE Guardians of Doctrine (G.O.D.)

  • Vidiot

    Reminds me of those lame-ass Bibleman direct-to-video movies...

  • smiddy

    As I have often said Jehovah`s Witnesses speak out of both sides of their mouth ,and sometimes out of their ass too .


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