Guardians of Doctrine.

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  • Pubsinger

    I'm still working my way through the videos....

    This has probably been covered before but had anyone else ever heard them use this phrase before? Not me... But it's a clever and as per usual misleading choice of words.

    If they are indeed Guardians of Doctrine, they are very poor ones. If so JWs would believe the same thing now that they did in 1879 and we all know that's not true. Also the word 'doctrine' is misleading. It is not so much JW doctrine that changes. It is INTERPRETATION that changes to match their plans and intention.

    In a way the Commission was caught out by this phrase and claim. As it has never appeared before to my knowledge in any literature or correspondence, and certainly is not in common JW usage, the Commission couldn't prepare and disect that claim, showing it to be untrue and yet another lie.

  • Heaven

    Hey PS... nope, I've not heard of it but then, I've not really been 'in' since I was a kid and back then, the GB were not as prevalent as they are today.

    I noticed another term GJ used was "Custodians of Doctrine". He said "They publish literature to help people".

    In my opinion, I don't think it's helping.

  • sir82

    Guardians of the Galaxy, er, Doctrine.

    Groot, er, Geoffrey, Jackson.

  • oppostate

    Guardians Of Doctrine (G.O.D.) sounds like another effort to become more like the Catholics, in this case the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith of the Roman Curia, today called the Supreme Sacred Congregation of the Holy Office which in previous centuries was better known as the "Inquisition".

  • GodZoo

    All the literature they publish uses subtle indoctrination techniques to slowly draw you in using what appear in the surface to be good and positive ideas, concepts and teachings. you are led to believe you can find peace, security, happiness, freedom and real future and real love by following and adhering to these concepts and in joining with these people. you are even given a taster and experience of these things on a small scale which serves to convince you that you have indeed made the right decision.

    Then they switch the game on you.. with with same subtle brain washing they gradually take over and own outright your conscience and your core being and feelings and definitions of what and who is good.. what is is bad.. what and who is unclean, pure, just, worthy.. ect. They then use the strings and hooks attached to your core being to manipulate, control and coerce you into being and doing what they want.

    You are now like a bird caught in a snare. It can take just a year to get ensnared.. but up to 20 or even 30 years to get out again.

    That's just how dangerous this cult can be.

  • Heaven

    Thought this might be appropriate :

  • neverendingjourney
    Guardians Of Doctrine (G.O.D.) sounds like another effort to become more like the Catholics, in this case theCongregation for the Doctrine of the Faith of the Roman Curia, today called the Supreme Sacred Congregation of the Holy Office which in previous centuries was better known as the "Inquisition".

    James Penton makes a pretty compelling case in Apocalypse Delayed that the Witnesses have much more in common with Catholicism than they do with Protestatism, despite their history of launching hysterical attacks against the Catholic Church.

    Despite the obvious similarities, I had never put two and two together until I read his book many years ago.

  • stuckinarut2

    Great comment GodZoo!

    You hit the nail on the head there!

  • umbertoecho

    That was a completely new one for me too. I thought it was very slippery of them. It won't however, distract the Royal Commission from the main issue's. And these are unpleasant ones for the society to face and harder for them to defend. Many people have come forward with supporting evidence regarding the actual "printed" words of the WTBTS and this is useful in uncovering the deceptive and ever changing approach they take in order to attempt to outwit secular authorities.

    My own family had not heard of this "guardian" rubbish. It's quite ingenious really, but it won't cut it.

    The issues at stake are those of sexual abuse and the lack of action taken to protect children within and without......the WTBTSs religion. The GB can throw as many words and deflections as they want.......".fire away" I say, but you will not fool these people.

    If the GB try to distance itself any more than they already have, they are going to look increasingly guilty, deceptive, and worse still.......fully aware of how unravelled their version of events stand up to the light of investigation. It's going to be hard to throw an awake or a nice little Watchtower study edition at the RC and really expect them to swallow this absolutely crap defence...............Fret not people. The Guardians will soon be in deep trouble in a monetary sense. I would like to see what they invent as a means to hang on to the loot then......I thank everyone for keeping an eye on this matter and not allowing it to die out simply because it is not in the "latest news editions". Good on all of you..

  • OrphanCrow
    oppostate: Guardians Of Doctrine (G.O.D.) sounds like another effort to become more like the Catholics,

    I think that Jackson may have picked up "Guardians of Doctrine" from working with the Catholic woman, Applewhite. Pope Francis has used the same phrase.

    From an article dated Feb. 2014:

    Pope Francis on Thursday re-emphasized his vision of who should be chosen as Catholic bishops around the world, telling the Vatican office responsible for their selection he wants prelates who are "genuine pastors" and who will "argue with God on behalf of [their] people."
    In a nearly 3,000-word text to the Vatican's Congregation for Bishops, Francis tells the office they should not look for bishops based on any "preferences, likes, or trends" and likewise should not seek prelates who are mainly concerned with doctrinal matters.
    The church, writes Francis, needs "guardians of doctrine not so as to measure how far the world is from doctrinal truth but to appeal to the world to charm it with the beauty of love [and] to seduce it with the freedom bestowed by the Gospel." *
    "The church does not need apologists of its causes nor crusaders of its battles, but sowers humble and confident of the truth, who ... trust of its power," the pontiff continues.

    Two popes/peas in a pod.

    Lol! I showed a non-JW friend of mine the two photos of Pope Jackson and Pope Francis. She is totally convinced that they are clones.

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