Petition for U.S. AG investigation.

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  • SecretSlaveClass
    I can't find it but I did sign a few others though. That is a fantastic site, I wonder how influential it is?
  • freemindfade
    Not sure SSC, but I figure its something.
  • Petraglyph

    Signed, shared, and BTTT

    @SecretSlaveClass, the link is in the OP.

  • JHK
  • username

    Signed and Shared on my Facebook profile. It's already starting to do the rounds with other users on Facebook posting it on their profile so I should imagine it won't take long to have the required signatures.

  • smiddy

    Pardon my ignorance,if you just click on sign that`s it ? I couldn`t tell if it registered or not .

    However I went through the motions , hopefully I signed with my real name.

    I also shared it on twitter

    Also , anybody and everybody in the whole wide world can sign this petition is that right ? it`s not just confined to the United States of America.

    If so , this is an excellent opportunity to voice your opposition to the WTB&TS inadequate handling of child sex abuse cases around the world.

    Please spread the word about this.


  • flipper

    FREEMINDFADE- Thanks SO much for posting this. My wife and I signed it and my comment was posted as well condemning WT child abuse.

    People on our board - this petition as of now has 617 signatures- it needs 383 more to make the 1,000 needed to get submitted I believe to get a commission looking into this in the U.S. Let's all advocate for the abused JW children. There NEEDS to be a commission in the United States to check into this and grill WT leaders HERE on U.S. soil. The biggest majority of JW child abuse offenses ARE occurring here - so other countries may follow this lead if this petition goes through and we sign it. Let's strike while the iron is hot folks- PLEASE, PLEASE read the comments section when you look at the link that Freemindfade posted and you will read HUNDREDS of ex-JW's who are signing this petition that have been abused by JW father's, elders, and siblings, or other JW's - and they are showing the courage to GET SOMETHING DONE. May we have the same COURAGE to sign this petition and let's help EXPOSE this criminal organization the WT Society and bring justice to the children. Please look at this link and SIGN the petition for an inquiry into WT child abuse ! NOW. This is urgent- probably the most important thing you will do today

  • freemindfade

    Thank you everyone.

    I hope this gets legs and accomplishes something, if it does how good will it feel to know you contributed? Lets hope!

  • flipper
    Exactly Freemindfade, bump this sucker to the top
  • smiddy


    Is this only a USA petition ? .I am in Australia and I signed it but have not received a confirmation e-mail.

    I see that many people have signed outside of the USA are they acknowledged ?

    just curious.

    It would be excellent if this did include input from people all over the world

    .just saying.


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