Bible teach book does not mentioned shunning

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  • naazira

    Nope, the God's Love books aren't on the carts haha. You know that book doesn't work too well for recruiting lol! It's like the reasoning book. You don't have to be a member to get a copy, you just have to get far enough in your study to convince them that you're really interested

    Books that are acceptable for carts includes: Bible Teach Books, Young People ask vl. 1 &2, Secret to Family Happiness, Jesus the Greatest Man Who Has Ever Lived, My Book of Bible Stories. Of course all public Magazines and public brochures.

  • berrygerry

    We had a Bethel speaker come to our KH some years ago.

    He stated his two favourite books were God's Love and Jeremiah.

    I was like, WTH, these both are my two least favourite books.

    I think the God's Love book is the ultimate FOG book to exploit Dubs.

    "Keep Yourselves in God's Love" ???


    God is our Father.

    Is there a freaking book called, "Keep Yourselves in Your Parents' Love?"


    Why not?

    Because we love people whom we love.

    But, the God of Dubland ONLY loves you IFFFFFFFFFFFFFF!

    Freaking jerks.

  • naazira

    The Jeremiah booked sucked. It has a picture of a sister, with pink hair highlights, who did not listen to the elders and was disfellowshipped. Her life was terrible, in another picture, post df'ing. She had a baby, smoked cigarettes and had a sleazy no good man passed out drunk on the couch. But get this, she was reading the God's Love book, which inspired her to return to Jehovah's manmade organization.

    Bible teach book, gold colored, on the left. Keep yourselves in God's love book in the middle. Jeremiah book on the right.

  • eyeuse2badub

    Let's face it, if ANY newly interested person KNEW about the wtbts' LOVING 'shunning 'policy', there would be 0% growth.

    just saying!


  • Phizzy

    The Bible does not teach anything. Men interpret what the Bible says to mean what they want it to mean.

    The JW's are no different.

    The book "Bible Teach" is used to recruit and the poor saps that fall for it find out about the problems with the cult much later.

    The book includes many things that are not actually in the Bible, such as 1914, which I know only appears, deceptively again, in the Appendix. Scripture is twisted throughout the book to support the JW doctrines, it is a travesty.

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