My 67 Year Old Elder Brother Is Depressed Because The Younger Elders Are Taking Over

by minimus 26 Replies latest jw friends

  • freddo

    Gotta agree with Vidiot.

    At 67 minimus's brother should be in Paradise looking like a 30 year old, petting Pandas and eating fruit with John the Baptist and swapping yarns with that resurrected pirate chappie whose hair gets shorter as he makes "progress" in reading the new scrolls churned out of War-wick.

    I have little sympathy really. Sorry.

  • panhandlegirl


    I like your term "Beth-Hell.

  • ToesUp
    So many wasted lives. Some of these older ones have given their all to the org. How do they get repaid? Put out to pasture. Sad, but what can you expect from a selfish/narcissistic organization!
  • getanewplanstan

    Best thing that could happen to the guy!

    One of the motivations to never miss an elders meeting was the fear that you would later find that you were appointed school overseer. This is not an attractive position, First, you had to be there every week. Then you always had to cover for no shows. Passing out the talk slips can be discouraging because peoples true feelings come out, they don't want a talk assignment, even the supposedly strong ones! (If children are given the job of handing out the slips, these undisguised negative reactions will be a first realization that not all is right in OZ). Then, you had to be careful not to give any real counsel, because if you do, even on the most negligent talks, the recipients are not shy about showing anger. You get an introduction to the meaning of "narcissistic wound".

  • Quarterback
    If you think he was crying now, just wait till the New TS Overseer gives him a Bible reading assignment and then gets to counsel him. There ain't no cure for those Summer Time Blues.
  • truthlover

    Ageism - happens to the best of us .... once your over 50, look out, male and female - especially if your single -- good for cleaning, mowing, helping people to move, baby sitting, but responsibility, no, no.

    Isnt there a scripture that says respect those with white hair, responsible, knowledgeable people??

    Tell him not to be sad, he isn't there for men (or women)... but then he may walk away, who knows.. Power and control taken away and given to a youth, gawd forbid! What is this world coming too?

  • GiftsinMen

    Mmm, heard the long time (25yrs +) school overseer in my old cong who is about the same age as your brother (might be the same person....Yorkshire UK) was also recently removed from his post and also from the rbc. I had no sympathy because he was at the forefront of intensively shunning those disfellowshipped. Literally would make a show of violently turning his head and those of his children away when he would pass by them. I wondered if the WT were reducing their responsibilities to try and minimise their involvement when the lawsuits arrive.

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