My 67 Year Old Elder Brother Is Depressed Because The Younger Elders Are Taking Over

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  • minimus
    He was the School Overseer but they relieved him of that to allow younger elders the privilege of the job. Now he is depressed and actually shed tears, believing his worth has diminished.
  • ducatijoe

    I have seen this many times. Some Elders live for position.

    It is a man made, man run organization. Older men and any woman are thought of less.

  • punkofnice
    He obviously isn't the biggest bully on the BOE.
  • panhandlegirl
    So sorry about your brother being relieved of his position. Unfortunately his worth to the organization has diminished. It is apparent that the borg has no qualms about dismissing or getting rid of people who they no longer need. It is not that much different in the work force but there are laws in place to protect older workers from being discriminated against in the work force. It is a real blow to one's self esteem when we feel we are no longer worth as much as others. Hope he feels better about himself soon.
  • SecretSlaveClass


    A fair observation!

  • Doubting Bro
    Doubting Bro

    So he actually WANTED the School? Most guys view that as a second tier job and want to get rid of it.

    It is crazy how tied up in positions elders get. But, I do understand and I'd likely be insulted too. Maybe he'll step down?

  • vinman
    Sad. But his worth has diminished. Like any corporation, no one wants to hire any one over 50. My wifes grandfather, was a CO into his older years. When his health declined, family had to cook meals for him. I helped with that. He died a lonely and sad man. I asked if people stop by to see him. He mentioned one older couple. He would just sit in his wheelchair and look out the window. When I tried to encourage him, he would respond simply with a yeah. I view myself as a compassionate person. But with all honesty, I must say that cult affects your thinking so bad. With hindsight. I can can say like most, with my lips I would honor the elderly. But in my heart, it was about me and what I can accomplish as an elder. Older elders were truly viewed as baggage by the majority. That is why the elders assign OTHERS to perhaps drive an older one or mow their lawn. They were never hands on. It is interesting that for most of us, the things that woke us up, aren't the things that keep us out. When waking someone up, it is hard to speak to them because you want to give them the complete picture of what is really going on here. You want to explain the forest , when you really need to show the trees so to speak. What a sick climate the Watchtower is! It is deceptive on all levels.
  • Splash

    If it was felt that he has struggled lately with that job, organising the school or counselling the students, he might have been relieved of that responsibility.

    I've seen capable men just get old and tired, and their responsibilities become harder and harder to fulfill.

    Maybe it was for this reason, in which case he should try to see it as a relief, though I can understand how he would feel like it is a demotion.

    Remind him how the CO's are dropped once they reach 70, or bethelites are retired from bethel when they reach a certain point. This might show him that it is an organisational procedure and he shouldn't take it personally.

  • Heaven
    My Dad wanted to go to Beth-Hell but they denied him that 'privilege' because he was too old. I could tell this discouraged him. The Borg is not a supportive organization for anyone but themselves.
  • Tenacious

    @ minimus - I'm sorry to hear about your brother. I can certainly understand that feeling of worthlessness by this organization.

    It seems that your brother bought in completely to the edicts by the WTS.

    This is a classic example of how they simply remove and replace people at will not taking into account any hurt feelings. The WTS could care less how your brother feels. What a loving organization

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