Stupid things JWs say

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  • Diogenesister

    How daft!

    We each have out oen gifts and your mum's is keeping up morale.

    Have to agree with Sparrowdown, if you weren't wreathed in smiles, or couldn't see those that were, 'satan'was blinding you.

  • jhine

    I agree with Lisa Rose , go on the offensive and point out that Christians ( as they consider themselves ) should be happy people . Two great Bible quotes .


  • tiki
    Omg...that is so hilarious!!!! What a moron!!!
  • Vidiot

    Re. "stupid things JWs say..."

    ..."That's 'worldy' wisdom" (whenever the facts call WT ideology into question).

  • JW_Rogue
    How about when some brother on the platform asks "Would people be able to know your a witness without you telling them?" No, that's complete nonsense and has never happened. Like wearing Dockers and a Polo will automatically identify you. LOL
  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    Satan and his followers don't understand the bible or spiritual things. I guess

    they can't read. Satan understood the trials of Jesus and Job. Is there a barrier

    around the KH to keep Satan from sitting in the back row in the KH to get a little

    insight. I don't think so, he would be bored out of his mind or he will conclude,

    great these people are doing a good job in screwing up the bible.

  • smiddy

    An Elder in our congregation stated......"You can always tell a brother or sister in a crowded street , by the kingdom smile" on their faces .


  • Ding
    Galatians 6:4: "But let each one examine his own actions, and then he will have cause for rejoicing in regard to himself alone, and not in comparison with the other person."
  • apostrate


    No, that is not complete nonsense, and yes, it has happened - several times, to me! (And it's not always necessarily a good thing).

    For the sake of brevity, let me give you just one example. I had already left "the Truth" many years before. I started a new job. I had one manager in particular who was a real hot-head, angry, belligerent, foul mouthed, no body really liked him. He was a clean cut guy, well dressed, but what an arrogant ass hole!

    One night I went to the Cracker Barrel to eat and as I was leaving, I saw him dining at one of the tables with two women. I assumed that one of the ladies was his wife and the other may have been his mother or mother-in-law. But just looking at them I just knew "My God! He's a JW!!!"

    I can't explain it. I just knew. I did acknowledge him and said hello. I decided I would ask him point blank the next day at work if he was a JW.

    After sleeping on it, I chickened out. If I asked him that and he wasn't, that would really piss him off, and he could really make my job more difficult. So I just let it drop.

    About a year later I was talking to a co-worker and the subject of religion came up. He mentioned to me that there were several JW's who worked there. I asked him who, and guess who the first one he told me was???

    After about another year this particular JW was fired. He was making racist comments to other employees there.

    So, yes they do indeed stand out. And it's not always for the reasons they think!

  • Vidiot

    @ apostrate...

    He "pinged your dubdar"... that kind of thing has happened to me, too.

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