Did Geoffrey Jackson Commit Perjury, or Just "Spiritual Warfare"?

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  • fukitol

    He absolutely prevaricated and lied, on various matters.

    It was an incredible expose of the GBs duplicitous mentality and willingness to bend or hide the truth to protect the organisations image.

    There's enough apostate cannon fodder in that testimony to seriously tarnish the GBs image for a lot of JWs, if only they had minds open enough to see it for what it is.


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  • Bungi Bill
    Bungi Bill

    When the book of Proverbs talks about "beating" with the rod, it can only be referring to one thing:

    - i.e. corporal punishment.

    No amount of rationalisation over the "Greek meaning of the word for discipline" can get around that fact. Nor can confusing "The Rod" with a shepherd's "Staff" help matters much either. Elsewhere in the Old Testament, "The Rod" and "The Staff" are identified as being two separate implements. And even the "staff" (where I come from, known as a "mustering stick") is frequently used to deliver blows. I still have my old mustering stick, a 1.5 metre long piece of manuka, and it was used to whack a recalcitrant cattle beast across the @$$ just as often as it was ever used to guide sheep into a gateway. So much for the attempts of some bible apologists to try and explain the its reference to "The Rod" as really meaning the shepherd's "staff", and that this device is merely used for "guiding" an animal.

    In my 28 years involvement with this bloody cult (1966-1994), I saw corporal punishment used almost on an everyday basis, with the open blessing of the religion. In fact, parents who did not use corporal punishment were viewed with open disdain. Also, when Sweden (as far as I am aware, the first country in the world to do this) outlawed corporal punishment in 1978, there was some consternation amongst the JWs. All agreed that the "Swedish brothers" would ignore that law, and thus "render Caesar's things to Caesar, but God's things to God."

    Furthermore, Jackson will be fully aware of all this, too.

    Bloody liar!



    Liars gotta lie!!


  • Vidiot

    The Searcher - "Did Geoffrey Jackson commit perjury, or just 'spiritual warfare'?"

    The two are not necessarily mutually exclusive.

  • freddo


    I remember that about Sweden too. I'm from the UK and in the late 70's UK it was normal to whack your kids in or out of jw's. But not with belts or sticks or in a frenzied way.

    But ... some context.

    In the UK in my Infants' and Junior school (ages 5 - 7 and 7 - 11) in the 1960's and early 70's female teachers would make you roll up your sleeve and slap you on the underside of your forearm or on the hand with their hand. Usually only once. (As in one slap at a time)

    In the Junior School a 12" ruler might be used if you were particularly "naughty". Say theft or beating up a fellow pupil.

    In my senior school (ages 11-16) in the 1970's the girls never got corporal punishment but the boys might get the "gym-shoe" from one of the games teachers which was like getting a slipper across your backside one, two or three times.

    If you were really bad (like lashing out at a teacher or constantly swearing at a teacher) then the headmaster might use the cane. Only once did I hear of this when a 15 year old boy in my class from a disadvantaged background swore at and hit a female teacher. We all knew when he was going to get "six of the best" after assembly but in private and then he was expelled.

    But corporal punishment in UK state schools was dying out by then and in 1987 it was forbidden in state run schools and in 1999 in private (strangely called public schools) schools.

    A case was brought before the European Court of Human rights in 1993 and they ruled that giving a seven year old "three whacks with a gym-shoe over his trousers was not a forbidden degrading punishment"

  • defender of truth
    defender of truth
    Attempting to mislead a Royal Commission is a criminal offense. If charged and convicted.. could face a fine of up to $20,000 and up to five years in prison.


    Can anyone confirm that the above quote is true?

    (Article is talking about O'Brien, but still interesting, on the subject of perjury..)

  • Joe Grundy
    Joe Grundy

    I was never a JW.

    Perjury is perjury under the law, but bear in mind that the ARC is a fact-finding tribunal with a view to changes for the better, not a criminal trial.

    Having said that, the fat lying slug Jackson was no great advertisement for his religion, was he? Uneducated, indoctrinated as a child, and cannot answer straight questions. I am confident that the ARC saw him for what he is.

    On corporal punishment, I was shocked when in the company of some ardent JWs when I first lived in Cyprus 10 years ago. He was a not too bright pioneer (Greek CY) converted by his wife (Swedish). He had served jail time for refusal to do national miiltary service. She was from long time Swedish JW family. Two daughters, about 6 and 2. For no good reason I could see he disciplined the 6 year old with a hard smack across the face, and I mean hard. Wife looked on approvingly. This is not the Swedish way, AFAIK, nor the GKCY way. I told the guy that if he had done that in the UK before I retired I would have arrested him, but not to get bogged down with technicalities if I learned that he had done that again I would break his arm. He was a bit surprised and told me that it was OK because his bible and his religion told him to do this.

  • OrphanCrow
    defenderoftruth: Attempting to mislead a Royal Commission is a criminal offense. If charged and convicted.. could face a fine of up to $20,000 and up to five years in prison.
    Can anyone confirm that the above quote is true?

    It is a true statement.

    The RC into Child Abuse in Australia is not the only Royal Commission that is currently being held in Australia. There is also a RC into Trade Unions and Governance being conducted. And, in that RC, a witness has been charged with perjury:

    Unions royal commission: witness charged with perjury

    *to add - try this link if that one doesn't work:

    Tuungafasi Manase charged with perjury

    A witness at the royal commission into trade union governance and corruption has been arrested in Canberra, and charged with perjury.
    Tuungafasi Manase, who works as a formworker in Canberra, was arrested by ACT Police tonight and charged with giving false or misleading evidence to the commission.
    It’s the third arrest with criminal charges arising from the proceedings in Canberra in as many weeks, and the first for perjury flowing from the commission.
    .........Commissioner Dyson Heydon warned Mr Manase about perjury. “Your duty is not intentionally to give false or misleading evidence...” the Commissioner said.
    “If you were to break that duty it would be an offence punishable on conviction by imprisonment for five years or a fine not exceeding $20,000. You understand that?"
  • TheOldHippie
    As for the W06 quote at the beginning of this thread, you should be aware of the fact that in countries where physical punishment / spanking is forbidden by law, as in most European countries, the wording is different, and there is no mention of spanking. The rod mentioned is an oral rod. So outside of the USA, spanking definitely is a no-no in many countires.

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