Reparations for slavery: Just or unjust?

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  • Michael3000

    Excuse me? And what planet are you visiting from?

    Blacks have the same opportunities everyone else has.

    Talk about opening up a can of worms...

    OK - reparations are kinda silly: where do you draw the line, who gets what, how much, etc. Besides, what price do you put on the human tragedy that slavery in America was? You can't repay someone for something that has no price, namely freedom. Now, Blacks in America are, generally speaking, "better off" than when they first were kidnapped & brought here. But, make no mistake - America as a nation has a looong way to go in improving race relations.

    'Nuff said.

    -- Mike

    -- Mike

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  • meadow77

    Borgfree-I was joking by my comment, because I consider the idea of reparations really stupid. But I was a little offended by your comments about Native Americans. I know that alot of people have Native American roots of some kind, but I am a card carrying member of the Choctaw Nation. So, I do not say that because 100 years ago someone may have dated a guy who was one fourth Native American and now I can claim ancestry.

  • borgfree

    Sorry meadow77, I was kinda joking myself. However, I do think we have gone way to far in all of the PC names that are used today. If native American is now the accepted term, for what was once Indians, can the sport teams now keep their names without being harrassed by the PC crowd? like Cleveland Indians etc?

    I didn't mean to offend anyone, but I think until we can discuss race openly without being offended, or silenced, we will not really make progress in this country. There are more sides to the whole race, minority, etc. issue than is acceptable to discuss. I think many problems, or complaints, are discussed within different race groups, but will not be discussed openly between people of different races.

    I think a lot of anger can be, and is, built up because of special treatment for some to the injury of others. Practicing discrimination in the pretense of correcting discrimination is not only harmful, but causes great anger and hatred.


  • meadow77

    I see Borgfree- I may have misunderstood you. I agree that overly PC behavior is not the way to repair race relations. I am not offended by the term indian at all, I just usually say Native American out of habit. I believe it is what you do, not what you say which makes the difference.

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