Why can't they stop quoting..GRRR!

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  • Aztec

    I was watching Seinfeld with my family yesterday. It was an episode where George gets in some trouble because he has been hanging out with some people from Houston and he saying "You bastards" and similar silly stuff. My dad had to say.."Bad association spoils useful habits"...Gawd!!!!!!

    It's so frustrating/irritating to listen to this drivel. Does anyone have any irritating quotes/phrases from their jw friends/relatives? My dad is driving me loco with this sh$t!!!!! My reply btw was "bad is as bad does...your true nature always shines through"! Hmm..


  • Pistoff

    How about when i talk about the mind control of the org with my wife, and she says:



    You are going to apostate websites again, aren't you?

  • whyhideit

    I was pretty much annoyed if I heard a quote from Genesis through Revelations. Anything not in that range, did not bother me much.

  • RandomTask

    Just be stupid and asinine by saying "thank you sir, may I have another!!??" at the top of your lungs.

    Anyway, I've got some more quotes. "Stupid is as stupid does", "Takes one to know one" is also good.

  • LovesDubs

    Though he hasnt said it LATELY, my JW husband would always say (whenever I was upset about something happening to me) "I dont know why you should be UPSET! YOU brought this in yourself! YOU left Jehovah!"

    I got a piece of mail yesterday from a company called "Approved Associates, Inc." I showed it to him and said "It sounds like a WITNESS company LOL!" Hes like harrumph...they dont USE that term any more. (So what? They probably did when that company was formed...and there is another company down here called Pioneer Pest Control...also owned by Witnesses. They oughta turn their spray guns on themselves.

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  • willdabeerman

    one quote my dad used an awful lot When he was still talking to me) regarding my fiance now and my choice of employment.(he dosent approve of either).. "well just remember what a man sows this is what he'll reap". then he goes into comparing that with how money "is the root of all evil". and then he'll finish...."do not let yourselve's be unevenly yolked".....this is when he says because im not a j-dub anymore that my decent paying job wont be a source of greater happiness. that my future wife who is not a j-dub will be my downfall.and i will be a miserable nobody without the fu*kin org. well guess what the exact opp. is what happened. so ha! takeall those f*ckin witness quotes and shove em up your cult followin a$$.(sory can ya tell im a lil pissed off?)....

  • Matty

    Bleugh Aztec, your dad sounds exactly like mine! My dad LOVES quoting Jeremiah 10:23 at every opportunity. It's a wonderful verse giving an explanation for all of mankind's political and social problems:

    "I well know, O Jehovah, that to earthling man his way does not belong. It does not belong to man who is walking even to direct his step."

    Basically, us down here on Earth are so stoopid we can't do a damn thing without God pulling the strings, we can't even put one foot in front of another without falling on our ass and messing everything up completely.

  • Aztec

    OMG I am laughing too hard! LovesDubs, Pioneer Pest Control LOL!!!! I wish we had a sign that said "house protected by Pioneer Pest Control" in our yard...wonder if that would keep them off the lawn....

    Matty and Will, I hear ya! My dad actually said it twice during the show. Twice! Like I didn't hear him the first time. It was funny. He shook his head both times.

    RT and why, gee thanks..LOL


  • Shutterbug

    Though he hasnt said it LATELY, my JW husband would always say (whenever I was upset about something happening to me) "I dont know why you should be UPSET! YOU brought this in yourself! YOU left Jehovah!"

    This post by LovesDubs really got my attention. Is her husband saying that bad things do not happen to JWs ? Is he saying witnesses don't get upset?? Does Jehovah protect them from all unpleasant situations ?? Anyone who has been around them for more than ten minutes, knows none of this is true.

  • No Apologies
    No Apologies


    Tell your dad if he is so bothered, maybe he should leave the room. Wouldn't want his conscience to be seared!

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