Did you ever get put on the spot?

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  • Country Girl
    Country Girl

    LOL, Simon! You look (in your profile pic) like just the kinda guy that would giggle like that. I got a big kick outta reading that because, I kid you *not*, you look just like the kid that always sat in the same row with our family at the Hall. I would attempt to ignore him for the first twenty minutes of the meeting, but you know how kids just *have* to stare at other kids? I usually had my Mother and he had his between us, so I would lean forward and catch his eye. He would start snickering, then I would start snickering, and then before you knew it we had busted out in those loud, raucous uncontrollable, belly-achin kid laughs. I got taken out and spanked, and his Mom just pinched him underneath the arm. But not before we had the Overseer's angry gaze on us. Heh.

    Country Girl

  • minimus

    We used to have a Circuit Overseer that had a "thing" about latecomers. If the meeting for field service began, he would keep the first 2 rows in the front empty. Any that strolled in late would be made to sit in the front. He would further embarrass them by stopping in mid sentence when the KH door was opening and then waiting for the tardy ones to make more of a commotion and sit in the front. Justice was paid back when HE and his wife came into the Hall late for field service because they got caught up in traffic. I was waiting for them at the door and in front of everybody asked him why he was late. He glared at me and simply said "TRAFFIC". All the other early birds gave me the look of "Yeah Minimus!"

  • Ed
    So I paused. Big mistake. I started giggling. Not the sort that you can carry on but the sort you have trouble breathing with.

    I remember seeing that happen to an elder once, in the middle of a public talk. He was reading Luke 21:1, which says "Now as he looked up he saw the rich dropping their gifts into the treasury chests". He accidentally said "...saw the rich droppings..." and he must have got a pretty vivid mental image too, because he spent the next minute and a half with tears streaming down his face, laughing, and desperately trying to compose himself.

  • starfish422

    My father, the Presiding Overseer, conducted the Watchtower study, and the bookstudy which was held at our house. He would glare at me if I wasn't answering. Sometimes I cared; most times I didn't.

    There were times when the material was really, really deep and no one put their hands up and he would call on my mom or me or one of my older brothers when they lived at home.

  • MsJam

    I can remember listening to a poor brother give a talk about masterbation. You could tell that he had worked very hard on his talk. And was worried about his choice of words. He was summerizing his talk and he said" So if you are lying there in the middle of the night,and you just can't SHAKE IT..."

    I started laughing ...and then it dawned on him what he had said..and he started laughing and finished quickly. I think that was the most fun I have ever had at the KM.

    There was also the time that my son( an infant at the time) passed gas so loudly that everyone in the meeting couldn't control themselves.

  • aarque

    I remember a time when very young and we studying the "Your Will Be Done on Earth" book on Tuesday nights. The subject matter was way over my head and just before the study was over the conductor asked me to summarize the night's lesson. Of course I couldn't, so after the study, he took me aside and went over the whole night's lesson. I still didn't understand it. After embarrassing me in front of everyone, he totally humiliated me to tears with his comments of my not paying attention.

  • undercover

    When I was a kid the book study conductors always just picked someone out of the crowd. This was usually when no one raised their hand to begin with. I used to cringe just knowing my turn was coming. I'd try to hide behind the person in front of me so as not to be seen. But later on I saw a pioneer brother at the hall refuse to comment when called on out of the blue. No one had raised their hand to answer and the brother on the platform picked on him, assuming, I guess that the pioneers had all the answers. This pioneer brother said "I did not have my hand up". The brother on the platform asked if he would like to comment anyway. "No" was the answer. I'm sure he caught hell later, but I realized then I didn't have to answer if I didn't want to. From then on I was always prepared to refuse to answer if called on out of the blue.

  • nicolaou

    Why not try the Calvin technique? Guaranteed to prevent you being 'put on the spot'!

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