Did you ever get put on the spot?

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  • orgbuster

    Wasnt me this time, but I remember one poor red faced young "bro" having to give a fairly long talk on Masturbation. Poor guy. Was red faced thru out the whole ordeal. I really felt for him.

  • pr_capone

    One time before field service. I was not in a very good mood this particular morning and he was asking questions from the Daily text. When he asked the first question everyones hand went up but mine. He stared at me, ignoring the rest, and waited I kid you not about 3 minutes. When he realized that I was not going to raise my hand to comment he called on me. My comment was "I didnt raise my hand".

    He looked shocked that I would dare not answer the question. I had a great rest of the day.

  • happysunshine

    talks... I remeber at 10 years old having to give that bible reading inSong of Solomon, you know, the one about the 'breasts like towers' and all that jazz. Man!

    And remeber the other ones about crushing testicles. Man!

  • Ed
    talks... I remeber at 10 years old having to give that bible reading inSong of Solomon, you know, the one about the 'breasts like towers' and all that jazz. Man!

    I had to do the one in Genesis 38 about Judah and Tamar.

  • Wolfgirl


    One time about 15 minutes before the Circuit Assembly was going to start, the CO decided that he didn't like what I had rehearsed to say (I was giving my experiences). He told me to change it to something else, but gave me no idea what to say. So during the song, we were coming up with a whole new interview.

    I've been called on when I didn't have my hand up.

    On the subject of elder's counsel on student talks:

    One time I was working on "audience contact and use of notes" (sad that I can still remember those chapter titles). I looked at my notes 1, yes, 1 time during my entire talk, and he gave me a W. He said it was the wrong time to look at them. Even people in the congregation were telling me that they would never have done that, and what a great job I had done.

  • NoMoreJW

    During the book study, the doddery old elder conducting decided to pull us up on poor FS attendance. I simply, but loudly, said "You speak for yourself". The room went silent and he asked me to explain. I repeated. I was sick of this old fool forever putting people on the spot, I decided to turn the table.

  • liquidsky

    The main reasoon I quit going to the tuesday night bookstudy was because the conductor constantly put me on the spot by calling on me to answer or read a scripture when I didn't have my hand up. It pissed me off!! Especially when I repeatedly asked him not to do that.

  • Simon

    Before our cong. built it's own hall we rented one and after the meeting had to pass all the chairs up into the loft of the hall to be put away. This was something most people helped with or were press-ganged into but this one meeting was the last meeting for one particular family at our hall and was going to be the last time that I would see the love of my life and I really wanted to say goodbye to her (I was about 14 I think).

    So, when someone asked me to help I said "sorry, I just need to see someone". Sounds reasonable?

    Jesus, what a fuss!! After getting a dressing down there and then I got pulled into a back-room by an elder for a 'chat' about willingness to help etc ...

  • Simon

    Not really someone else putting me on the spot but it was funny anyway ...

    I was reading at the group (which was help at the KH) and it was the Greatest Man book and the bit where Jesus healed someone's sight. I just read the bit about him spitting in the guy's eyes and asking "now, what do you see?" and I had this image of a guy (like something out of Monty Python's Life of Brian) saying "I can't see anything you twonk, you've just spat in my bloody eye!" or "I can see spit, what do you expect when you spit in someone's eye?!"

    So I paused. Big mistake. I started giggling. Not the sort that you can carry on but the sort you have trouble breathing with. Suddenly, everything that anyone said became hillarious and I had tears rolling down my face. The more serious everyone else was, the more it made me laugh.

    I didn't read for some time after that, but surprisingly no-one ever said anything.

  • Exetazo

    Yes, but i was never led to belive that Jehovahs Witness, past or present are perfect. It's obvious that, just like bible characters who served God in the past, all servants of God come from the same backrounds as the whiners on this forum & are not perfect, make mistakes & need to continue making imporvements - just like me & you.

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