My Tree is Still Up

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  • LB

    It's 15 feet tall and still fresh, not a needle has fallen off yet. So of course that means that it will remain where it is a bit longer. Sort of enjoyable to wake up in the early morning and see the glow from the tree throughout the house. We have 1400 lights on it.

    Overkill as usual.

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  • LB

    Hmm, big red X, isn't that great. I couldn't get the pics to upload on srike9 today, I'll try again tomorrow I guess.

  • hillary_step

    It's 15 feet tall and still fresh

    Is this another advertisment for viagra? I am beggining to get a complex.


  • LB

    Do you see the tree?

    I'm skeered to take viagra. I don't want to be up all night.

  • Swan


    LB! Please don't tell my husband. He always competes with the neighbors. Our tree was a noble fir, flocked, and had a lot fewer lights, all red, with red bows and red garland. Our electric angel is an African American dressed in white and holding two white lighted candles. Underneath we had a Christmas village, set in the style of circa 1914.

    Alas, our tree has completed its earthly course today we are putting away Christmas.

    I sure miss the scent of the tree.


  • Celia

    15 feet high How did you trim the top ? Beautiful LB. How high is the ceiling in this room ?

  • Kenneson

    Nicely decorated. Splendid job.

  • LB

    It's a 16 foot ceiling. I trimmed it using an extention ladder. I need to find a picture of my wife standing at the bottom of it. Gives you a real perspective of it's size.

    Big is better, right? Or is that a guy thing?

  • Celia

    Ours is 8 foot tall. the height of the living room, and it is beautiful this year. And yes, it's still up, another week or so...

  • ugg


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