Were your JW parents spirtually weak or strong?

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  • Carmel

    If by "strong" you mean blind faith, yep! That's how I would describe them. If you really mean "spiritual" by the term "spiritually storng" then hell no. Dubbie's use the term as a code word meaning "blind obedience to the FDS" which is mental stagnation at best, moral bankruptcy as well.


  • YellowLab

    My mother has been attending meetings for years and I hasn't gone out in service for years. She goes because she has to go, it's just automatic for her. My father was baptized in the early 60s, but hasn't attended since. He told us on several occasions that he just wasn't interested in "the Truth". (Good for him!) My brother is a Ministerial Servant and very strong. He's best friends with many elders, never misses a meeting, and goes out in service just about every weekend.


  • yard dog
    yard dog

    I would have to consider my parents foamers. They love the "truth" and have shunned me for the most part the last 18 years. My mom had me enrolled in the TMS at 6. We never missed meetings unless someone was sick, prepared for most meetings beforehand, did field service on saturday,everyother sunday. They also did the FS thing on holidays,vacations and CO visits. I visited Bethel at 16 as well as auxiliary pioneered. They REALLY wanted me to grow up and be an elder or something of that nature. My dad was a MS for a time but stepped down after my mom felt he needed to work on being spiritually stronger at home. My mom is the one who turned me in to the elders for smoking. Haircuts had to be just so and one time my mom took clothes i bought to the elders to see if they were "appropiate." I could keep going but it makes me sick to talk about.

  • Wolfgirl

    My father was always very strong. Elder. My mother was always weak, in and out.

  • happysunshine

    Very fanatical.

    They joined in the 50s. I remember all the stories about many frineds , including our godparents, who fell away over the years and were never contacted again. That must nurture a bridge burning mentality. I even remeber getting locked out of the house on Sunday morning, and them driving away, because I said I didn't want to go to the meeting. I was five years old! They did come back for me though. Too strong.

  • LDH

    Apparently, Yard Dog and I are related.

    My parents were and are foamers.

    As Gary said, I believe they would be high performers in any high-control group they belonged to.

    Ed said some young JWs were like this:

    "My... goal... is... to... have... a... greater... share... in... the... ministry... and... progress... spiritually... so... I... can... Pioneer... and... then... reach... out... for... Bethel... Service..."

    and I have to say, that was us kids.

    As an example their "foaming" I remember being in 11th grade when most children were meeting with the guidance counselor for assistance in college placement, my parents met with the guidance counselor to tell him that, within 4 years, the end of the world would be here. That I would be "pioneering." That college was a waste of time.

    That was in 1985.

    I wonder do they ever bump into him, and if they do, what do they say when he asks what us kids are doing?


    Hydrophobia Class

  • starfish422

    My father is the Presiding Overseer of their cong; and my mother is absolutely, completely and totally brainwashed. I would hold out more hope for my dad to leave than my mom; but it won't happen for either of them.

  • liquidsky

    While I was growing up my parents were pretty stong in the truth. My mother more so. My dad had his ups and downs but they did thier best to raise us kids as witnesses. My dad was never an elder but has been a MS for a long as I can remember. My two sisters are both married to elders. I guess I'm the bad seed.

  • moreisbetter

    Dear all,

    Thank you for taking the time to respond and share your thoughts and feelings.

    I know this response is very late in coming and I apologize for it. I truly appreciate all the posts.

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