Do elders take their job too seriously?

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  • JH

    Do you know any organization that are as serious as Jehovah Witnesses. Rarely will you see an elder smile. When they want to talk to you, it's always on a serious note. Why can't they smile and be relaxed? I rather go to the dentist than be stuck with an elder. I knew a brother that was very pleasant, but when he became an elder, he wasn't the same guy. He lost his sense of humour, and took his job too seriously. Did you enjoy being around elders?

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  • Makena1

    In my over 40 years "in", ran across all types of elders. Genuine Chistians, humble types, and arrogant jerks who as you noted rarely smiled thinking it would detract from their "serious" position. Eventually, I was promoted to be one of the boyz. The first several months were wonderful. Meaningful (at least they seemed that way at the time) meetings, comraderie and mutual respect etc., then it eventually deteriorated over ego's, vendetta's and quarrels with the CO. My bubble was burst completely and I never recovered.

    All in all, a positive experience- it got me thinking, examining and eventually out of the "club".

    briefly said, I think elders, according to the scriptures, should take their jobs seriously, but not themselves.


  • Scully

    Considering this is one of those unpaid jobs, yes, a lot of elders take it far too seriously and put far too much value on it. Lots of women in the organization do the unpaid, under appreciated job of keeping house and being a wife and mother, which is far more beneficial and more productive than being an elder or ministerial servant ever could be.

    Love, Scully

  • ugg

    i think alot depends on the size of the congregation,,,where the congregation is located (city verses small rural) how many elders there are ect ect.....

    there are all kinds of elders in my opinion...those who genuinely care,,,those who think they are gods,,,,those who really do not care,,,,ect ect.....yuk!!!

  • jst2laws

    OK Where is JT,

    Folks are waiting for you to jump in, James. Come on Bro. I love the way you describe the boys, how they walk into the KH and take off the Janitor hat and put on the Elder hat. You think maybe its hard to smile cause they know they are way in over their head?

    I'm gona waite till JT sees this thread. (Jst2laws starting up some microwave popcorn and looking for a six pack)


  • IslandWoman

    Hi JH,

    Yes, I have met some elders like you describe who had big problems with just smiling! but for me it was more of a CO problem than an elder one. As other posters have noted there were those elders who were jerks, in over their heads or ego driven but I remember many who really tried to do the best job they could and with lots of smiles, laughs and love. Again, it just depends on the congregation I guess.

    I dislike the elder stereotyping that sometimes goes on, they were not all stupid or useless people they have among their ranks some hardworking sincere men who are not too far from our "Amazing" and Ray Franz, and others among the xJW community.

    Thanks for the topic,


  • whyhideit

    Think about this for a moment. An Elders position is always in question. Meaning, he must always remain free of accusation. If he looks at someone wrong, someone is upset. If he talks to long to people, someone is upset. If he says something just a little wrong, someone is upset. If he dresses a little to well, someone is upset. If we forgets to say hello to someone, someone is upset. If he is part of a judicial committee and disfellowships people, someone is upset. If he does not fill out his paperwork correct, someone is upset. If he does his talk wrong, someone is upset. If he is sick and misses to many meetings, someone is upset. If he losses his job and ends up taking a job that limits his time in field service, someone is upset. Basically that look you see on them, that you referred to as serious, is basically a very stressed out man. Stressed, worried, angry, and so on. Anyone who ever told you that being a elder was fun, lied!!!

  • cruzanheart

    Yeah. It's because they have to ask Brooklyn's permission before they smile so it takes a while to come through.


  • Farkel

    : Did you enjoy being around elders?

    That's like asking me if I enjoy having my fingernails pulled out one-by-one.


  • IslandWoman


    That's like asking me if I enjoy having my fingernails pulled out one-by-one.



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