i am getting stronger,,,i am so proud

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  • Solace

    I totally know what you mean.

    It is so nice to finally connect with those who understand.

    My coming out on this board was very strengthening for me. I was SO tired of hiding from everyone, especially my own family.

    Im glad you are finding your strength.

  • Roo


    So proud of you!!!!!!!!! Keep up the good work, you've got a lot of good things to say

  • LyinEyes

    Ugg I am just feeling so great for you right now. I know how it feels now to look in the mirror and say Hey I AM a good person, and Darnit I deserve to be happy.
    You go right ahead and pat yourself on the back, we all will give ya a pat too,and many hugs.

    You have had a hard journey, that is what I liken my recovery over this past year too. I have been here almost a year in a few days, I it is amazing the change in me. I feel free, I feel happy, I feel younger, I feel connections with real people who give me love. You are one of those Ugg, for everything you are getting in your self recovery, you are passing it right on to us, and it helps us to be stronger too.

    Like Introspections says,,,,,,,,,,, what is normal?? I have started to see that we are all really normal once we get away from the evil WT telling us we are not , by making us feel unworthy, depressed, lonely, a misfit, a not good enough. They even lead many to the brink of total insanity. I am not kidding , there was a time I was caring for 3 small children, one was very sick, the other screamed all the time, all the WT cared about was meetings and field service. THey didnt care about the person , as long as the mags were getting placed.

    We are all normal with our own little quirks, and that is the spice of life. I have many friends here who I could write their most outstanding qualities that make me love them so much, and some of those things could be considered odd by somes perception. I consider myself a little on the fridges or what is consider normal............lol........ so do many here i bet, but I am glad to be me.

    Ugg, I am just so happy that you will soon find your place in life that will make you even happier.

    DOn't give up , along this journey of healing there are set backs, you have seen mine as well, but getting it out and taking the one step forward , will get you there.

    SO happy and *jumping up and down* for Ugg................ love ya hon............Dede

  • songmistress

    Hey, Hey, Hey there Ugg,

    Yep, feels good. Keep on Keepin on. Forget the humble pills. Go ahead and blow your own horn. What looks like little steps are in reality big leaps and I personally am in awe everyday as I see them happening in my life, so I can tell you are feeling the same way. I love it when my therapist brings to my attention how much better things are. The lights go on. New doors and opportunities open up and we can say, Wow, why didn't I do that before, but I sure am glad to be doing it now.



  • Cassiline

    (((((((( Ugg))))))))

    You have such a sweet manner and I am glad you did not " take your humble pill today". What you wrote of *is not* in any way a small accomplishment. The fear you speak of can seem so overwhealming at times, so in no way are your personal accomplishments to be taken lightly!

    You have always had such kind words of support for all here on the board and I don't think you give yourself enough credit at times.

    Thinking of you sending happy thoughts and wishes your way!



  • ugg

    thank you everyone!!!!!!!!!! ugg....who is spending the gloating!!

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    Way to go Ugg!! Believe it or not, it does get easier. There's nothing like that sense of accomplishment when you begin to conquer fear.

  • Mac

    Ug, (I call her that for short)

    I remember the day we first spoke in chat........you've grown so much!

    For what it is worth, I am proud of you too.


  • LeslieV

    Ugg I am so proud of you!!!!!!! You need to be proud of yourself!!! You have ate enough humble pie for a life time. JWism makes you feel that you can not gloat about your accomplishments. I say screw them!!!! There is alot of healing in taking control of your own life. Even if it seems like it is a small beginning it isn't!!! It is a beginning which means you will get stronger and stronger. Good luck in your journey of getting over the cult. You will begin to find out who you are!!! Not be defined or identified by your religious affliation. Or by what people in the religion expect you to be.


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