Moved to arizona

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  • RubyTuesday

    I used to live in Paradise Valley Mall....hehe..really I grew up in Phoenix..went to Camelback High...used to love hiking Camelback Mountain...I really miss that place..except for the heat!

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  • yrs2long

    I live in So. California. I flew out to Phoenix for a wedding in late June 2001. Now I know it's the desert but it was June for Christ's sake! No way anyplace in America should be 116 freakin' degrees in June!! I had to brace myself everytime we left the hotel. The sun beat down and drained all my energy after only an hour out and about.

    We finally stated the obvious to a native, "It's hotter than hell here!' To which he replied, "No, this IS hell!" I'm anemic and am generally cold but I really don't know how you guys do it.

  • ugg

    hi,,,,nice to hear you are enjoying your new area....takes awhile to settle in some...nice to meet you here on the board,,,welcome back...

  • gumby


    Re-check your e-mail address. I sent you some mail and it was returned to me..

  • animal

    I live in Mesa, work in Phoenix.. I ride my harley all year, yes, even in the heat. It aint bad, like anything else, it is what you make it.

    Yell if you need any help.


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