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    hey's been a while since i posted...(many moons)....I have been very busy working out my move from oregon to arizona....well I have been here 3 months now and love it!!!...the wife and kids are here with me (i moved her away from all her JW family)...and we all are settleing in. The wife has hooked up with the local kingdom hall here but step at a time...:)

  • Brymichmom

    I'm originally from Tucson and spent all my "JW years" there. What part of AZ did you move to? When I left the WT, I moved away from everyone who had been shunning me and that was a good move for me.


  • RandomTask

    Wait until July!

    Anyway, my wife and I are thinking of moving there in a couple of years or so, things are too expensive where we live now, like houses and such.

  • Brymichmom

    Random Task: Hey, sometimes the temperatures in Phoenix can get up to over 100 by late April or May. Then you put up with triple digit temperatures until October or so. That was my secondary reason for leaving. It may be a lot more expensive to live in California, but at least I don't have to put up with the draining HEAT. Pass me the iced tea please.


    I moved to wickenburg....and as far as the heat....i was raised in the I hve SOME idea what to exect....:)

  • Brymichmom

    Oh Wickenburg, that is a lot cooler than Phoenix or Tucson. It shouldn't be that bad at all. Seems like a nice little town too.

    Hope you enjoy living there, seems you picked a nice town!


  • reubenfine

    You don't have to be crazy to live in Arizona, but it helps!

    Lyle from Mesa, AZ

  • gumby


    Dude!!!!!!!! Get out of town!!!!!!! That's where I am from......16 years I spent there as an MS and Elder! I know everyone in that hall! Are you a dub, ex-dub, gonna be ex-dub, ....or what? I helped build the wickenburg hall. We used to meet on Apache st. in a building a police officer owned with an outside toilet.

    You gotta e- mail me.......this is awesome! Swenson's, Hale's, Beasley's.....I know them all.

  • aojumper

    I'm a Native, and I am so Jealous that you chose Wickenburg, that is an awesome little town. I grew up a stones through from Paradise Valley Mall, in north Phoenix, though it's not considered North now. I moved to the East Valley a few Years ago, it's not too bad. We should have our own little apostofest, since it seems there are really a ton of us here! anybody up for it?

    Can anybody list congregations they went to?

    Mine are Paradise Valley, Desert Shadows, Shea Heights and Summit Trail


  • target

    We live in the west valley in Avondale. We want to move north of Phoenix a bit with a little more elavation, then it would be cooler. I very much like the low humidity for my mold allergy. We have been here 2 1/2 years and I haven't had a sinus/bronchial/pnuemonia/ear infection since we have been here. I averaged 4 per year in Wisconsin. The other allergies are really bad, though. This used to be all cotton fields out here and there still are a lot of fields. They put more chemicals on cotton than on any other crop. A little breeze and I am in trouble.

    The heat is worse the first year. One does adjust a bit. I do not miss the cold/snow/ice one bit.

    It is cheaper to live here but the wages are lower too. I plan to stay.


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