What Does Seattle Have for Fun?

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  • Robdar

    We will be in Seattle in a couple of weeks. If there is anybody on this forum that can tell me some fun things for us to do while we are there besides the obvious? Thanks!


    Edited to take out travel dates after thinking about this being a public forum. LOL

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  • jazbug

    What is the 'obvious'???

  • LB

    Whenever I go to Seattle I go to the Edmonds Scuba Underwater park and dive. I also enjoy visiting Princess and Mr. Princess too. Great people. My next trip up there is in March for a week.

  • Robdar

    Jazbug, think about it...second honey moon? Nudge, nudge, wink, wink....my husband is a bit of a goer, know what I mean?


  • Robdar
    Whenever I go to Seattle I go to the Edmonds Scuba Underwater park and dive.

    LB, that is an awesome idea! I wonder if they are open for business in January? I am looking up their web site...Thanks!


  • LB

    The park is open year around and free. There is a dive shop nearby that can take care of all your needs called Underwater Sports. Their website is http://www.underwatersports.com/MapEdmonds.htm

    A good website for the park is


    A website I always use for diving is


    My review on that website is

    (Avg: 4.50) - Whenever we go to a new area for us, we always dive the most popular spot first, after all there is a reason it's so popular. On the first day we dove here the vis was 40 feet+. The second day the wind was up and the bottom was churned around and the vis was about 10 feet. But with those lines stretched out you can easily find your way around the park. Watch the tides, some days they are nothing to be concerned about, other days are another story. Locals were very helpful too. Great dive shop down the street.

    Here's a photo from the park.

  • Robdar


    Thank you for the links. Is that you in the picture?


  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Do you enjoy museums? The Boeing Museum of Flight is very good.

    Take a hydroplane ferry ride to Victoria, British Columbia. Victoria is a charming city. $1 US = $1.57 Canadian.

    Take the Washington State Ferry across Puget Sound, drive west. Visit the town of Sequim in our "banana belt," eat at the Three Crabs restaurant, visit the Olympic Game Farm, where "Gentle Ben" and other Disney animal actors have lived, Drive further west to Port Angeles, once a great "mill town." Visit Hurricane Ridge in the Olympic National Forest.

    Continue to drive west, passing Lake Crescent, a deep clear lake in the Olympic National Park, 17 miles west of Port Angeles along Hwy 101. The lake is 8.5 miles long and plunges more than 1000 feet at its deepest. Nearby is Sol Duc Hot Springs, a secluded resort on the Olympic Peninsula. Outdoor pure mineral water hot pools, massage therapy, hiking, and cafe. This is the trailhead for the spectacular Sol Duc Falls and Seven Lakes Basin area of Olympic National Park.

    Continue to drive west and visit Neah Bay and the confluence of Puget Sound and the Pacific Ocean. You can't go further west from there, so head south toward Forks, another once great logging town. On the left edge of the state you'll see what a Pacific Northwest rain forest looks like.

    This trip is LONG - Seattle to neah Bay is 165 miles according to mapquest (5 hours drive time), and it's another 50 miles (<2 hours drivetime), most of it backtracking, from Neah Bay to Forks.

    You know, if you've gone this far you might as well continue south to Kalaloch and get to see more of the rainforest and the Pacific Ocean. It's only another 35 miles, about one hour drivetime. Pack a picnic basket full of goodies and take a road trip. On the other hand, maybe 8 hours of driving an old two-lane (four lane in some places, but it ain't no interstate) will have you pretty tired. Get a room at the Kalaloch Lodge for the night.

    The logging trucks can be pretty intimidating... just like in the movies.

    On second thought, this would be a much more fun trip in August/September when there is much less overcast and RAIN (!!) and the sun is up until after 9 PM.

    OK, while you're in town, you can visit the Hiram Chittenden Locks that are our own mini version of the Panama Canal, but without those pesky foreign languages.

    You haven't seen Seattle until you've seen it from a DUCK - the authentic WWII amphibious vehicle will show you Seattle from the land AND the water! I'm not kidding! See: http://www.ridetheducksofseattle.com/main.htm.

    Seattle's most unusual architecture is at the Experience Music Project at Seattle Center.

    Check at the IMAX theater at either the Seattle Center or the Seattle waterfront.

    While you're on the waterfront check out the Seattle Aquarium.

    "Climb the hill" from the waterfront and you can explore the Pike Place Farmer's Market.

    If you want to take a SHORT roadtrip, drive down to Tacoma, witness(tm) "The Aroma of Tacoma!" (Smells like cabbage as a consequence of the paper mils, they say, but I think it's Karmic retribution of some sort.)

    Drive past the notorious Tacoma Dome, home of the JW Tacoma Dome Scandal, and visit Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium - smaller than their Seattle neighbors, but special in their own way.

    How's that for a start? What do you like to do?

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  • gsx1138

    If you're into bar hopping go to Pioneer Square. There are a ton of bars in a confined area, most with live music of all kinds. The space needle is a nice touristy thing to visit. You can walk around China Town and eat some great food. The market is a good place to go as well (Pike Place Market) as well as the waterfront area.

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Some of my Seattle chinatown favorites: The House of Hong, Kau-Kau and Chau's. GOOD STUFF!

    The House of Hong is one of several Seattle restaurants that serve Dim-Sum.

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