Abusive JW Elder to be released from jail...

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  • nicolaou

    Zen', where did you hear that Barratt could be out early for good behaviour?

    I have a personal interest in this case [we may know each other] and have been assured by the Detective Inspector who led the case that this pervert will be locked up for the the whole two years of his sentence. The reason is that James Barratt continues to protest his innocence and that by so doing he forfeits any right to early release - no remorse or rehabilitation you see.

    To make matters even more bizarre, James Barratt is currently [my info here is a few weeks old] conducting three Bible Studies in Risley Prison! He has chosen his course - 'wronged innocent' - and is playing it out to the end. As you say, his family are sticking right by him as are very large parts of the Rugby congregations. (Rugby had two congregations, Avon and Rainsbrook, but due to very low meeting attendances and poor moral, the two are being merged into one - this week I think!)

    I was also assured that on his release he should not go from door to door as this could bring him into contact with children. I was asked to report to the Warwickshire Police and the Child Protection Unit if this should happen. The police who dealt with this case have been appalled at the way Barratt has been tacitly defended by the Watchtower Society and more vocally supported by local Jehovah's Witnesses.

    If anyone wants to make a sensible protestation to the police or CPU about James Barratt just drop me a line and I'll provide you with the names and numbers you'll need. You'll be surprised at the warm reception you get.

    Zen' please get in touch.


  • Big Tex
    Big Tex
    Do you think they'd ever in a bazillion years offer those same privileges to a pioneer sister over a brother who has a "problem" with liking children "a little too much"??

    Obviously they would never allow that. The Witnesses are far too mysiogonistic to consider a woman even having a brain, much less being able to use it. The real shame is that many sisters would be far better elders than the idiots that are in charge now. I know my wife's mother would have been a better elder than her father.

    But still the question sticks in my gut and bothers me because I don't think it's just men who are so protective of abusers. What do they have that makes them so special to Witnesses everywhere?

  • Utopian_Raindrops

    Big Tex,

    Its not the Pedophile that is special in himself but, the forgiveness.

    Every Jdub wants to see even the worst sinner repent and turn away from his sinful past.

    Repentant sinners of the worst crimes are like living testaments to Jehovahs power and mercy.

    The original Christian congs came from societies that even encouraged adult men to partake in marriage with young boys.

    When my ex-husband confessed to the elders something he did with our son they didnt even looked shocked. They went straight to the bible pointed out sins the original Christian cong did. They were quite debouched back then!

    They showed him how he could change also and sent us on our way instructing me all the time that divorce does not bring happiness.

    Although, this is true ,divorce can sometimes bring safety.or at least make things safer.

    No they did not report him to child services but, I did. I reported him just as the year before I had reported this other brother.

    Thing with my ex is he was a publisher and not baptized so he could not be dissed.

    I will say that these elders ,although not reporting him or encouraging me to report him did put limitations on him.

    They asked him to no longer speak in Jehovahs name till he was better and he had to ask one of them to use the bathroom at all meetings. He was not aloud to comment and t hey also wanted him to enter right after the 1 st song and leave right after the concluding prayer.

    So at least they did that much to protect the cong.

    I didnt run around with a billboard about him but, I did tell people and you know the JW gossip line. It wasn't long till most of our circut knew.

    Child protection services did nothing because he cooperated all the way. He went to these group meetings for sex offenders. Truthfully those meetings made him worse. That was one time I could see the bad associations spoil useful habits scripture in action!

    He really needed one on one therapy over a lengthy period of time before being introduced to a club of offenders.

    Anyway, even all the Jdubs that know about him and all he did love him!

    They shake his hand and ask when hes coming back.

    Most just want to see Jehovahs power at work in peoples lives.

    I just dont understand why they cant support the victims too.

    I knew of some cases while I was a Jdub and I was there for the victims 100%.

    Thats why I called Protective Services on a Bro one year.

    Its just so unbalanced.how they take sides instead of being there for both.

    This is Spiritual Abuse of the worst kind.

    Well, my 2cents

    Hope this creep doesnt get out.Rrrrrr

    Ciao 4 Now



    For all the Silent Lambs.....

  • zenpunk


    I'm in Cuba so it is hard for me to keep up communication - I heard this from a close family member. Please email me at zenpunk71@yahoo.com. I too know about Rugby's two congregations merging.

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    I just now read your post and I'm sorry for the delay. I hope you didn't think I was ignoring your thoughts. What you've written touched me. I think because your experience mirrors mine. You might be on to something when you remarked about forgiveness. There is that almost fanatical need in Christianity (even Jehovah's Witnesses), to offer forgiveness. In my own situation I pointed out Watchtower articles that made it clear that forgiveness was unnecessary unless the offender asked for forgiveness. ; Obviously the elders and the Great Unwashed in general ignored that point. No matter.
    I'm sorry for your situation. But I am proud of you for protecting your son. That took a lot of courage, especially in the organization. I don't know if therapy would have helped your husband. It seems to me that offenders refuse change and will not correct their impulses. But I digress. You should be content with yourself for your actions in your situation. You did what you had to do. What parent can say any more?

  • Dia

    Get in touch with the woman in Parliament who filed the 'Early Day Motion' after the Panorama show.

    You are her poster child. The flesh and blood human being around whom people can center their disgust and build their actions.

    We are behind you all the way.

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