Abusive JW Elder to be released from jail...

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  • zenpunk

    ...in 6 months for good behavior.

    This man, James Barratt of Rugby England was put in prision last summer for molesting boys, including one of my relatives. The fact that he is only going to spend a year in jail sickens me. Not being familiar with the British court system, I need to ask the board: Is there a parole hearing like in the US? If so, can people go and testify to try to stop the early release from prison? Please let me know - if there is a way to keep this monster in jail, I would gladly hop on a plane and do it!

    PS - He hasn't even been D/F'd yet 'cause he is threatening to sue if the congregation D/Fs him!

  • Scully

    zenpunk writes:

    He hasn't even been D/F'd yet 'cause he is threatening to sue if the congregation D/Fs him!

    What's he going to sue them for?? Defamation of character??? (Assuming he has a shred of character left, considering he made the news and his character has been through the $h!tpile already.) Depriving a sexual predator of his prey?? Honest to goodness, why the hell don't they make stuff like this an automatic DA?? For the life of me, I can't understand why they are so quick to DA us for having Xmas decorations, but they're scared of a CONVICTED pedophile suing them, more than they care about the safety of the children he will come in contact with??

    I guess the WTS isn't giving them any reassurances of legal support if they do DF him and he chooses to sue. How loving of them.


    Love, Scully

  • cruzanheart

    Can we meet him at the jailhouse exit with a couple of lobsters to put down his pants?


  • No Apologies
    No Apologies

    Its good to see that the elders in his congregation are true spiritual men determined to courageously defend the congregation from wrongdoers.

    Let's see, what did Jesus say, "I am the fine shepherd, the fine shepherd lays down his life for his sheep." (just from memory, don't have a Bible at work) Evidently the threat of a lawsuit is more than a shepherd today can handle.

  • Country Girl
    Country Girl

    I dunno about you, but I wouldn't lay down my life for sheep. If you did that, you'd be dead and the sheep would have no one to care for them anyway, and the wolves would get em... so it's really an exercise in futility. =)

  • metatron

    "Whores" really fits them well. Joe Average Witness probably won't even question
    why Sister Single-on-Welfare lost all of her kids to being df'd - while a convicted
    criminal is untouched by the congregation "shepherds".

    Find a way to sue them and you can get them to do anything


  • zenpunk

    I wonder if he's going to walk right out of jail and on to the platform - and, if he does, will people be smart enough to get up and walk out. And, you're right Scully - what's the WTS so afraid of? He was found guilty in a court of law. What disgusts me too is that his family is sticking by him, saying he did nothing wrong, that, and I quote, "it was Jehovah's will so he could witness to unfortunate people in prison"!

    He was led off to prison clutching a copy of the New World Translation with his handcuffed hands.

    But - still my question is - is there any way anyone can stop him from being released so soon?

  • Scully

    Is there a Children's Protective Services near where you live? You could talk to someone there and explain the situation, and see if they have any resources that would help you advocate for children against his early release.

    Just because he's been on good behaviour in prison (why?? because there are no children to molest there, perhaps?) doesn't mean he isn't liable to reoffend when he's released. A year is hardly going to rehabilitate him, particularly if he hasn't had any counselling or therapy with a view to being rehabilitated.

    Love, Scully

  • RevMalk

    This might be a good thing to keep tabs on. We could at least all write letters to the Parole Board, if they have this provision. Anyone know where this is taking place?

  • rocky220

    Cruzanheart and me are starting Lobster patrol right away.........but seriously, how can elders be threatened by a convicted pedophile????? that's just crazy!!!!!!!....rocky220

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