JW Clan coming to visit!

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  • Alana


    In my area, I have seen it twice where they have had the casket in the Kingdom Hall. One was an opened casket service (my ex-father-in-law) and one was closed (a 20 year old who died in childbirth -- along with her baby -- due to the blood issue) I really never understood it, unless it was another 'control' thing....so they could control the service and possibly who is there or whatever. But, my ex-husband is very DF'd and he was all over that Kingdom Hall just talking to everyone and even went up to the mike to say some things to the crowd before the service. I wonder if the elders cringed at that....I am sure that my ex (knowing him) loved every minute of telling them what to do and not letting them make him be the quiet DF'd person in the last row. :-) Then again, other churches do have funerals in them, so I guess it really isn't all that unusual. YIKES, that means they are doing things like Christendom!? OMG!


  • blondie

    Wow, Alana. I have been going for over 50 years and my family 2 generations before that and in this area that wouldn't happen, having the casket in the KH. Maybe it is a state law in this area.

    Control is the word. I hate it. Growing up in an abusive family makes we fight against it. I guess that is why I never really fit it at the KH.

    Golden Girl, it's a control issue with your relatives too. If your husband loves you and wants you to be with him until the end, he should protect you from his family. They don't really love him if they talk to you like that. King David never said anything bad or tried to kill King Saul even though Jehovah no longer approved of Saul as king.


  • Mum

    GG, do you have a nice "worldly" friend who could come over and offer you some support while the JW relatives are there? You might feel better if a friend could come over for at least part of the day, and the JW's might be on their best behavior with a potential convert present.

  • Golden Girl
    Golden Girl

    Wow..you guys covered a LOT!

    Hubby is past the point of defending me. He never did it much anyway. His Mom and sister have some kind of hold on him.

    He is too sick to really care anyway.

    He wants to be cremated like his Dad. I will not go to the Kingdom Hall so a memorial service there is out.He doesn't want a service anywhere else either or at a funeral home.

    I imagine his Mom will arrange something at the KH where she lives about 2 hours away. They know him there also. I don't know how I will have any closure. We have 3 kids (Grown) . I thought about a private service..but he doesn't want us to do that either..Course he wouldn't know about it. He wants his ashes spread out at the KH on the flowers.!..I don't even get those!..His Mom still has his deceased father's (JW) ashes in a cardboard box in the back of her car!...Spooky! They joke about how he goes everywhere with her!

    I was going to have my daughter come over but her and the Sister in law will go at it for sure!... I plan on being a good host..but if the comments start..I will ask them to stop it or leave. Hubby wants me to "Put up with everything" but how can he respect me if they bad mouth everything I do and I just sit there?.

    Thanks for all the words of encouragement! I feel stronger..bring them on!

    When my Dad died..I had a talk at the funeral home by a minister..His Mom and sister snickered all through the talk. I thought that was so disrespectful. But Hubby defended them......Oh well.........

    When Hubby passes away..No more contact with the witnesses!...Do you know what a relief that will be?

    I love hubby so much ..it I could I would keep him with me forever!...but I will be so happy to never have anything to do with the witnesses again! I am so tired of being constantly judged!

    Hugs to you all!

    Snoozy..aka Goden Girl...

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