The Great Pumpkin, er, Memorial Caper

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  • zanex

    hey lis! Would you prefer the camcorder or the digital camera? Either one works for me...I am down...heh heh heh...get in touch

    (grins with an sinister chuckle)

  • LDH


    Let's go digital so we can upload immediately afterwards.

    I can't call you because I got a new cell phone after my last one took a shit and all the #s in memory are lost. Please email me.


  • zanex

    hey lis...for some reason I cant seem to email ya from my puter..grrrr lemme try somethin different..

  • TR

    I'm going disguised as C.T. Russell, wearing a toga, and if they don't let me partake, I'm gonna whip out a bottle of my own wine and a package of Ritz crackers.


  • LDH

    Update on my weight loss plan.....

    My girlfriend took me out to lunch Friday as a belated birthday gift. About two hours later I had the nastiest #*$&ing case of food poisoning you've ever seen.

    So, I lost 6 pounds. The ugly way, but I'll take it!

    (Zanex I'll call you tomorrow. Got your email. Let's do lunch this week.)


    Beggars can't be choosers, Class

  • musky

    I tend to agree with songmistress. If you would simply take a sip, It may cause others to believe that you feel you have the heavenly hope. ( don't know your personal circumstances though.) If you drink it all, there will be no question that others will see you as nothing but trouble. You will be handing out anti-witness literature to people beforehand? How will they feel about the literature after seeing you drink all the wine?

    Whatever though. If you drink it all, will there be a huge belch heard throughout the hall? ( puts the final touch on the plan)

  • larc

    Although that is a nice fantasy, I agree with songmistress and musky. Such an action would not help anyone who might eventually leave the religion. I would not do that myself, just like I would not desecrate a Catholic Mass out of repsect for a Catholic friend.

  • songmistress

    Larc and Musky,

    Thanks...I was beginning to think I was the only one who felt that way.



  • auntiem

    Ok everyone. This is really funny! I am with TR, I say we bring our own bottles and ritz crackers! LOL! omg! I love this site! Anyway the memorial has always been very memorable to me because last year I was on the rag..err...sorry...having a visit from Aunt Rose and I had to into the restroom to take care of things. No one told me I was walking around with an Always wrapper hanging from the hem of my new dress! The year before that I was the sister with the TP trailing behind me! It never fails.....something always goes awry at memorial.

  • LDH


    We need to talk.

    OK peeps, get real. A good looking, well groomed woman enters the Memorial celebration fashionably late. (Say, ten minutes before start time.) She proceeds to "visit" with all the "friends", makes sure she lets people know she found the address for the KH on (points this out mostly to gen-x-ers and gen-y-ers who appear to have internet access).

    Everyone is so excited to have NEW BLOOD there for the Memorial. She sits front and center, and when the time is right, PARTAKES!!!!!! As an added bonus, imagine Zanex turns arounds and snaps a photo, and perhaps tells others he's taking shots for the April issue of the Watchtower which will have some interesting news in it regarding the number of partakers!!!! And that EVERYONE should research the pattern that the number of partakers has formed over the course of say, oh, fifteen years.

    Now, who would dare to challenge me? I can't think of ANYONE at any local KH that would go there.

    They will be attracted to me like a bad car wreck. Pavlov's Dogs at work. Overtime.


    Practically Perfect in Every Way, Class

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