The Great Pumpkin, er, Memorial Caper

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  • LDH

    Well kids, it is about that time. I just saw my first post for this year's Memorial.

    So I thought I would let you all know my plans and see if anyone else is interested.

    Last year, just to be hypocritical, I partook of emblems at home. This year, I plan to be front and center at my local KingDumb Hall partaking.

    I do plan to polish off all the wine in the glass, and perhaps munch a few crackers.

    Anybody else up for Memorial Misadventures? Perhaps we can throw their number off even further this year.


    Devious Class

  • Francois

    Can I go with you and watch? I wouldn't wanna miss that. And I'd partake with you too.


  • lisavegas420

    Ooooooo...I;m gonna get a new


  • LDH


    Don't worry if you can't make it to Fresno. I intend to snap some pix with my digital cam and email em to someone who can host 'em and upload em. I intend to go about a half hour early and hand out packets of information containing the WBTS response on the UN/NGO and Silent Lambs issue. However, I can't do that too early because they might kick me out.

    Just a few well placed envelopes in the hands of some Gen Y-ers who are looking REALLY BORED and have internet access.


    I think I will wear pants, too. That'll really bust their nuts.


    (PS, Lisa Vegas ---I guess it's time for me to get really serious about losing the last of that baby weight, eh? heh heh heh. Welcome to the forum.)

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  • Kenneson

    Can you imagine the apostles just passing the emblems one to another at Jesus' last supper and none of them partaking? Could that be called a supper or a meal? How is it a Memorial if you can't re-enact what transpired: "Take and eat. Take and drink"? See Matt. 26:26-27

  • songmistress

    Enquiring Minds want to know. With All due respect. I am really curious. Nothing more, nothing less.

    I wonder every year, why some feel the urge to go to the Memorial with thoughts of disrupting the proceedings. Do not get me wrong, I hold no warm fuzzy feelings for the WTS as an organization. I do feel however that actions of this sort would only prove to the rank and file that they are right about the world.

    HOWEVER, if I am being REALLY dense and this thread is about dreams and fantasy, I will be the first in line to tell myself to LIGHTEN UP and GET A LIFE.

    Blessings to all


  • wednesday

    have u thought about not going so ealry? Really, they will throw u out, esp. with all the bad publicity they have gotten this year.I would hate to see a perfectly wonderful plan ruined by u getting thrown out. also, just a thought, perhaps u should just partake as customary -not drink all the wine. That will call attention to u and may get u thrown out then. security is usually tight, so putting leaflets on cars may not be possible. I'm not sure how far u will get talking to people, probably some nazi jw will report u the minute they see what u are passing out.

    all in all, sounds great. For me, i'd try to pass out literatue after the meeting-not before. Can't wait to see the pics

  • Athanasius

    I don't think it would be disruptive to their Memorial if a few of us showed up and tactfully partook of the crackers and wine. It would be interesting to see it the Watch Tower would report a surge in partakers.


  • SYN

    How can you disrupt an already whacky religious ritual? That would be like disturbing the peace in an asylum for the criminally insane - it's redundant.

    Enjoy Lisa, give 'em hell, make them sweat, etc. Well, maybe you shouldn't make the Elders sweat, that would be setting a bad example.

  • LDH

    LMFAO @ Syn.

    Amen and amen.

    First of all, I'm not planning to do anything too early. Just, shall we say, in the nick of time.

    Secondly, perhaps if Zanex is not busy that evening, he shall accompany me and snap photos of the actual partaking. What say you, dude?

    Thirdly, if questioned, I intend to fight fire with fire by providing my phone number and first name only. I shall issue a challenge, that if ANY elder can bring me documented proof of the fall of Jerusalem in 607 BCE, I will provide them with the details of my previous congregation where I'm sure they will contact and get the old gossip ball rolling.

    Anyone have other suggestions?


    At least the kids will get to see someone partake, Class

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