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  • Kenneson


    I think you meant thief and thieves.

  • xenawarrior

    ISP: dwarves is still in some dictionaries as one of the plurals for dwarf making it acceptable for use, even though dwarfs would be the most correct. Gets confusing for people to figure out which word to use.

    I should have expanded on my ? about chiefs- I was wondering about the correct spelling.

    Fun stuff!!!


  • onacruse

    The chief thief of belief is the coral-reef of disbelief, a brief relief from the grief of SwedishChef.

  • Simon

    There's been a regular programme on BBC Radio 4 on one morning about grammar and puctuation. The ones I thought were really enlightening were about apostrophe's and semi-colons and when they should be used.

    How many times do you see signs in major stores with things like:

    "DVD's, Video's and CD's"

    instead of

    "DVDs, Videos and CDs"

  • troucul

    Hey Alan, if someone confuses 'mute' with 'moot' again, just do what I do, laugh in their face and walk away.

  • Room 215
    Room 215

    Add a few of my peeves:

    ``Asterick" instead of ``asterisk"

    ``Deteriate" insread of ``deteriorate"

    ``Aks'' instead of ``ask"

  • heathen

    Grammar is something I love to hate .Some other stick in the mud made up all the rules pertaining to it and I have to remember this stuff in order to sound intelligent when writing something. During my time surfing the web I've notice the poor quality of grammar on boards such as this and know that if I and others would do a web search or as simon said check the dictionary of which doesn't work all the time things would sound a little better .They say the most popular sites are like poki mon or something of minimal value to anyone in regards to education.

  • rem
    The ones I thought were really enlightening were about apostrophe's and semi-colons and when they should be used.

    Now that was funny!

    Actually, I think it is ok to use apostrophes for plural numbers, letters, and abbreviations. Would that include acronyms and abbreviations such as DVD's and CD's (but not Videos)?

    Maybe this is a difference between American and English grammar?


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  • SpannerintheWorks


    "DVD's, Video's and CD's"

    instead of

    "DVDs, Videos and CDs

    Both are, in fact, correct!

    It all depends on the context!


  • NeonMadman

    Speaking of apostrophes, there is one usage I engage in a lot on this board that I know is technically incorrect. Whenever I write of more than one JW, I refer to them as "JW's". I know this is not correct gramatically, I do it because I think it's visually easier to read than simply "JWs". The latter looks like a different abbreviation, as if it was supposed to be "JWS". I just think adding the admittedly incorrect apostrophe makes it more understandable.

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