2003 Memorial date?

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  • YERU2

    On the 14th day, at Sunset, as the sun sets the transition from the 14th to the 15th begins. The lamb is slaughtered on the 14th, Passover begins that evening at Sundown, which is the 15th. My translation (NAB) reads that the slaughter is to be done at twilight, the new day actually begins when it is dark. The Jews in Jesus time slaughtered at around 3 PM on 14 Nisan and Passover began on the 15th, i.e. that evening. Today too, the Passover Seder is celebrated by Jews on 15 Nisan.

  • jws

    Thank you for the explanation.

  • rocketman

    Blondie, I doubt they'll cancel meetings held Tuesday or Thursday, though I would imagine that some elders may decide to do so on a local basis, unless they receive instructions otherwise. Normally, the only instructions they get on that are that they are to schedule no other meetings the day of the blessed event.

  • logical

    Anybody in Fresno wanna go with me?

    You get me to Fresno and I will

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