Decade of Decline and Stagnation......2002 Report

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  • RunningMan

    The first thing that a person does before becoming a Witness is study. Then they get baptized.

    The real key is to watch the leading indicators. If Bible studies are down 33%, then baptisms will drop. They have.

    If baptisms are down 51%, then the total head count will drop. It is.

    One more thing. Every JW family reports a home bible study, whether they have one or not. In my congregation, most of the BSs that are reported are family studies. If you assume that there is one family study for every four persons, then the number of "outside" studies has plummeted from 31,000 to 11,000.

  • ISP

    Its not exactly thrilling stuff. Bear in mind that every effort is being made to increase publisher numbers by allowing the reporting of fractions of hours and the general world situation....9/11 ......Iraq etc. so IMO the figures are a great deal worse.....

    You can, though, see a good increase on our side of the fence!


  • kelpie

    Let it keep coming down!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Scarlet

    Does anyone have the comparison for the U.S. I would like to see that.

  • OHappyDay

    A sad phenomenon in the US is that many will be interested to the point of studying through the Require brochure or the Knowledge book and then decide they just don't want to be Witnesses after all. So it is not an uninformed decision to reject Witnessism, it is an informed one. They seek -- they study -- and then decide that this is not for them. So they stop studying and go elsewhere.

  • Latte

    Clearly.....a 'sifting' is taking place!


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