How to shock a JW

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  • orgbuster

    Hi Guys and Gals -

    I'm yet another Ex JW from New Zealand. I was brought up as one, along with other members of our large family.

    I was baptised at 10, DF'd at the age of 16, and reinstated when I was about 30.

    Around the age of 35, I started really looking into religions and found that there were many things about our founder that were not quite in line with an anointed "channel of God". I wrote a letter to my JW elder brother in law, who replied with "we're none of us perfect, we all make mistakes, and this religion is the closest thing to the truth...blah blah" So I hung in there for a bit longer, but other little and big things made me just throw up my hands in disgust.

    One day I had a the wife of the circuit overseer (who was actually a close personal friend during my childhood) and her sidekick come to visit. Ah I thought, here's my chance to get some answers, or at least have a discussion. So, she says, she is 'concerned' at why I haven't been attending the meetings recently. My answer was that "I had found out some things about the Witnesses that really upset me". Her answer? She immediately got up and says "Well thank you for the tea, we'd better be going now". With that, she and her friend made a hasty exit. I never saw them again.

    I was dumbfounded. How blind can you be?

    Anyway I have lots of little experiences and stories, will be happy to relate them in due course!

  • Skeptic

    Welcome to the board, orgbuster! I enjoyed your story.


  • Elsewhere

    "I had found out some things about the Witnesses that really upset me". Her answer? She immediately got up and says "Well thank you for the tea, we'd better be going now". With that, she and her friend made a hasty exit. I never saw them again

    Such an evil apostate! Chasing CO wifes around.


  • kelpie

    Welcome to the board!!

    Another from down under.

    I am organising a "get together" in Sydney in March for all Aussies. If you can afford it we would love for you to come.

    This is a great place to be.

    Kelps (of the female class)

  • Junction-Guy

    How to shock a JW? easy just light up a cigarette, and watch them scatter like birds


    All I had to do for shock value was put a blond streak in my red hair.

    They call me Jezebel now. . . .


  • Sentinel
    Sentinel first instincts as to how to answer your question, was to suggest "hot-wiring your door-bell to give them a little "jolt". ..........then, I realized that you are a newbie, and you actually had a good thread here.

    Must be the mood I'm in right now. Anyway, Welcome here and I look forward to reading future posts from you.

    We often read posts where yet another person begins to think for themselves and reason, read up on the real facts of the org, and make a good and positive decision to get out. No matter how many times that experience is posted here, it always makes my heart leap with happiness. Another free mind and heart!

  • Robotnomore


    Welcome! I'm new here too. Seems like lots of us are getting out. The questions you had they can't answer. Thats why she had to leave in such a hurry. She might have been afraid of what she would find out. Or she might have been afraid of the boogie man. We look forward to more from you.

  • Nightviper

    I Know the feeling, Hi I'm Mike, also from New Zealand. I came to be a JW at 12 years of age. I loved what I thought was the way to find my God Jehovah and find true friends. Some Friends!!! After losing my Father at the later part of being 12 some thought this a good time to step in and replace my father and sort me out at the same time. The funny thing was I love going to meetings and as far as I know I wasn't doing anything bad. Didn't make much diff cos I was easy to pick on as a JW... Why? because I was Honest, Sure I've got "Worldly Friends" so what!!! got'a have some to witness to right?

    At about 15 I was in and out as far as going to meetings, In between taking bullshit from pricks that hadn't done shit and did'nt know shit about what they were gettin up me over. Because it was all bullshit (Drank one Beer, Run a Yellow light, and.. OH MY GOD.. a female in the car with, get this, my male friend is in the car with me at the same time, and we aren't parked up or anything. ALL JW's too) I was never booted out or anything. They just make it known to everyone to blackmark me. Thanks ya pricks, so no JW firends, what the F&^K do you dicks think I going to get out of that brotherly love. At 21 I believed god must think the same way. And the sad thing was I didn't want to lose Jehovah, go out into the "world" , Yep at 21 I still had kept to what should be a good standing as a JW.. just didn't go to many meetings. But what did happen was the shit from all those years started adding up, after many many!! warning signs that no one gave a shit about I jumped 40 meters to what I thought would be my end.

    "If thats what Mike does to get out of a hard time he's not taken in what we have been saying. Jehovah hates those who have no respect for their life" Yep that was the sort of brotherly love I got when I found out that life goes on. Six months later I can nearly return to work after beating odds that the doctor said were 100 to 1

    Now the thing here is that a little after a year goes by I meet my wife Susan, a JW... yep I'm still hangin in there. We have been happily together for 7 years. But both of us see and know only to well the hate that JW's can show if you step outside their little ideas. Just lately we have stopped going to meetings as Susan's father the New Elder, wouldn't give up messing in our bussines. So now Susan doen't have a Father, mother or brother.. because we don't go to meetings anymore. Jesus I am sure would be so Happy to see his flock so well cared for here in New Zealand.

    Thanks for reading


  • Mackin

    This is so cool to see all these New Zealanders turning up here.

    Mike & Orgbuster, I'm sending you e-mail.


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