To Loyal Witnesses: Please Listen!

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  • R6Laser

    No I'm not joking. Most of them really beleive that they are doing the right thing. Now I was never informed that I was forced to mantain a certain number of hours each month. But if you went ahead and felt forced than that is your own problem. You are merely citing the most extreme cases, and there were many. Many elders were strict but if you had an ounce of pride in yourself you would never allow someone to force you to do something you didn't want to. But hey that's just me, in your case you were just a puppet.

  • carla

    Good try. I never was a jw, I have seen the little time slips my jw is supposed to turn in every month and have also heard the many ex jw's who failed to turn in enough hours and were considered 'bad association' for not getting in enough 'time'. What happens when you are labled bad association? You lose all respect from the rest of the cong, so called friends no longer will have anything to do with you and you are villified to your children and family.

  • vitty

    R6 laser

    I think your being a tad niave here or a little bit dishonest !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I know of many incidences were brother had "privileges" removed for not doing at least the national average which is about 10 hours . eg not allowed to do the mikes, not allowed to read goes on

    That that may sound a bit pathetic, well because it is, but that is bullying. And the amazing thing is they were NEVER pre warned or told they were just taken off the list and then when they asked why. Thats when they would be told.

  • carla

    Speaking of dishonest, do they tell people at the doors they are required to hand in time slips? Do they tell potential converts they too will be required to put in so many hours? NO.

  • R6Laser

    The reality is that you were not forced and I was not forced to do anything. Even if you don't want to admit it many involved in the jw's think that they are doing the right thing, as misguided as they might be. Now as far as them not giving privileges away to those who didn't have a specific number, why would I care in the first place if I didn't want to be involved in that. Like I said most of you cite the extreme situations. Just for your information carla I stopped attending one night out of the blue and never went back, never had a judicial commitee breathing down my neck or elders harrasing me. My mother is still a member and we still talk fine with no problems, even when I see old friends that still attend the kh we still talk just fine. Take that as you will, but I lived it and did not see most of the extremes cited on here.

  • minimus

    MET, a superb post!!! I truly can relate. I thought I, somehow, someway, could be "used" to help the brothers and sisters. It doesn't really work like that. In the end, you waste your time. Truly, it's thankless. You've got nothing at the end to look at and admire for all your hard work. Making a thread like this could possibly "save" someone.

  • acadian
    I know of many incidences were brother had "privileges" removed for not doing at least the national average which is about 19 hours . eg not allowed to do the mikes, not allowed to read goes on

    Oh So True, it happened to me. I worked 6 days a week 12 hr days, no joke, so on my ONE day off I had a choice, FS and the meeting or take care of maintenance on my home/property, it was a balancing act. Anyway, We show up for book study (We had it at our home for over 10 yrs until we decided to let someone else enjoy that blessing...puke...) and the one who was going to conduct takes me aside and this is what he tells me " I know your on restriction, but can you open the meeting with the prayer and read?" I was floored, on restriction? when did that take place? was anyone going to inform me? I honestly thought for a moment this is bullsh_t! What, everybody knows but me? It was crap like that, that finally openned my eyes. Their a bunch of Vampires. My son had priveleges taken away from him also because of a false rumor, I had to talk with two elders about it they agreed no wrong doing had occured, but because the rumor was out there he couldn't be used. Needless to say we are all out now, don't have to put up with the mind games. Acadian

  • sf

    Doubting Bro and all other newer posters,

    METATRON has a fantastic posting history here. I urge you to click on his posting/ topic history and prepare to get a good dose of the reality of this organizations bull.


  • metatron

    Thank You! I appreciate this very much.

    The saddest thing I discern since I wrote this post is the fact that most Witnesses, even very 'loyal' ones

    see NO HOPE of any improvement in the organization. They shrug their shoulders and fight back tears

    whenever yet another young person leaves the "truth". They endure the guilt-triggering demands of

    Circuit Overseers with a silent sigh. They listen to ceaseless announcements of cutbacks disguised

    as "progress". They wake up each day and face a mirror that shows more wrinkles while Armageddon

    never arrives.


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