Counseled by a Hypocrite?

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  • Englishman

    Seeing our asst PO whack his son around the head for watching "violent" movies. Worst still, observing him pleading with his son for understanding of why he was doing it, as he did it.

    I actually heard him say that he had no choice having threatened him with a whacking if he did this, he had no choice as he had to let his "yes mean yes and his no mean no".

    You do understand why I am hitting you, don't you, Son?

    Good ole Brooklyn.


  • Been there
    Been there


    Whats the name of your doctor? I'm seeing them too!


    They will go away. . .jes have another drink . . .*hic*


  • Gizmo

    When I was a lot younger still in High school, and elder I was witnessing with took offense at the jacket i decided to wear for field service...said it didn't make for a good example. i didn't say anything except i took it off and carried it...even though i was freezing.

    A year or two later...we found out from his wife that he had been having an affair with his secretary for something like 5 years...what a hypocrite

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