Counseled by a Hypocrite?

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  • WildTurkey

    Have you ever been counseled by a hypocrite?

    An elder for playing a video game where you zapped bugs from outer space once counseled me. He said it was not for Christians, cause it was too violent, his favorite movie that he would not stop talking about Star Wars.

    Another brother counseled me for not wearing my seat belt in his car, that I was breaking the law of the land.

    He was driving 80 when he gave me this counsel; we were in a 55mph zone.

    Ok so tell me about your hypocritical counsel.

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  • JH

    Why do you look at the small piece of dust in your brother's eye? And you do not see the big stick in your own eye.

    Hypocrites they are !!!

  • JH

    They will say that the love of money is bad

    And they are the ones with 3 cars, 2 houses, 2 jobs....

  • Billygoat

    One elder on my public reproof judicial committee (which was about MY immorality!) ended up making sexual advances to me when I was 19. He was married with three kids about my age when he did it. Oh...and of course...he was an elder in good standing. Ugh!

  • teenyuck

    My dub mother told me this weekend that I would forever regret not having contact with my sister.

    Background: Sister left home with worldly, got pregnant, finally got married, never graduated 12th grade, he and she got involved in drugs, scams, fraud, etc. According to my sister, it's all my fault!! I am 3 years younger and was 14 when she left home. All of her problems are my doing however....she wrote me an e-mail that took 26 pages to print out-1.5 years ago. I have not spoken to her since. She told me she hated me and never wanted to speak to me....she called me a child hater and killer because I never had children (she decided to ignore the medical issues there). She called me so many names, I lost count. Her final note was "I never want to see or speak to you again...I won't come to your funeral." Fine by me. Years of emotional and verbal abuse are ended.

    My mother has a similar relationship with her sisters. She hates them, calls them names and says they are less than pond scum.

    Now my mother has the balls to tell me that I will forever regret the relationship I threw away!!! She further said Jehovah will not look lightly at this. I should forgive my sister and get in touch with her. I told her in no uncertain terms that the "verbal and emotional abuse of Tina express" was docked. No more. I refuse to put myself on the line again for my sisters hate. This latest e-mail was after a 5 year drought. I had not heard from my sis in over 5 years. This was the 5th drought from her over the last 23 years.

    When pressed on why she does not get in touch with her sister's (they never have said one word about my mother in my hearing) she says "It's different." My mother has been in touch them since childhood. They too have had "blackout" or drought periods, however, no one has ever told another one "I hate you, don't ever contact me." My mother says her sisters are evil....mine is just mad about life and I should help her over it.

    Yeah, right. I have not had a sisterly relationship with my sis since I was 12 and she went boy crazy. After that, it was all down hill.

    My mother is a master hypocrite.

  • AnotherEscapee

    An MS, son-in-law of the PO, gave a talk about honesty after fabricating a story about him breaking his leg on my property and trying to sue me!

  • LyinEyes

    The thing that still stick in my throat is the disfellowshipping of my mother right after she kicked the drug abuse , pain pills, addiction she had for years,,,,,,,,They all new it the whole time. When she came out of rehab she started smoking,,,,,,,, when they found out they disfellowshipped her on those grounds.

    She was never reproved, given cousnel, helped , nor was it even talked about ,her drug abuse, because dad was the PO with all the money in our high faluting congregation.

    All the ones who d/f my mom for smoking,,,,,,,,,, were hypocrites for one things or another. One was always talking about sex, and hitting on all the teenage girls, and 2 were know ,,KNOWN ,drunks. They still are.

    I can write a book on the things I have seen.But it is even worse when they do like Wild Turkey said, they counsel you for the little things you do, and they are doing even worse.

  • Shakita

    "Keep your eye simple", "Don't be anxious over what you are to eat, what you are to wear.....for the heavenly father knows you need all these things.." Hypocrites telling us these things when they themselves are going to school, taking that higher paying job and work more hours, getting that new car, bigger house, and going on great vacations. God, how stupid could we be to not see through all that crap......what clowns those hypocrites really were!

    Mrs. Shakita

  • Elsewhere

    OMG! Pink Elephants!!! Pink Elephants!!!

    My Dr. promised me they would not come back!!!

  • Shakita

    Hey Elsewhere, your Doctor wasWRONG...


    Mrs. Shakita

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